New blog journey I recommend!

So far I really love writing my posts. I’ve linked to twitter and have a few followers so that’s one thing ticked off my to do list. It’s so exciting to see the list of followers increasing.

Next on my list is to get more followers and eventually to create a dialogue here. I also want to link to Pinterest. I am a big admirer of Pinterest. I used it a lot back in 2013/2014 as it is a great tool for motivation. Don’t you think? My goal is to inspire and to recommend many things that I love, places I’ve been to and restaurants I’ve visited. Hopefully they will inspire someone? It will also be with lots of positivity and a bit of spirituality and hints of spice and passion. Later on, in August I will start the challenges again. Join me in my quest to feeling great!!! It will be yoga, meditation, smoothies, using things we’ve forgotten in our homes to sending postcards to near and dear ones. Why not?! I’m adamant to share and create a positive vibe in the universe- I want to inspire you! Life is amazing, enjoy, recommend, be positive. We can do this!!!

Reiss- I am dreaming!

It’s quite funny in some respect how you end up missing what you’re used to. I have to admit that it’s interesting to see how more conform people are dressing similar in the Nordics. This is my personal observation and something I do recall growing up in Sweden: everything from the rucksack: fjällräven (that’s making a come back) to brands such as Lexington. Having lived abroad I’ve also gotten used to certain things- especially from London. One shop I miss particularly is Reiss- great quality clothes with a twist. I think they’d do very well in Copenhagen.


Pictures from Reiss website

Superfront- change IKEA to furniture with a twist

Having moved around a little lately, there have been a few trips to IKEA. I believe that a lot of households in Europe, Australia and in the US have a few, or at least one item from here. For me as well it is a bit like going home when I visit the stores. I’m partial as well having worked at IKEA  in Paris when I was younger, and also for IKANO, the bank of IKEA.

I love what this shop offers: parts of IKEA furniture that you can change and personalise:


I really recommend to make an IKEA furniture an icon in your home!

Pictures borrowed from the website of Superfront

Listening to Avicii On Spotify

Copenhagen is a very beautiful capital. Probably one of the prettier and cleaner ones I’ve lived in. Though it’s difficult to compare- I have spent time in Paris, Brussels, Los Gatos, Ibiza and London and they all have their charm.

I recommend a walk through Copenhagen though if you live or visit here. Currently walking around listening to Spotify and Avicii songs- which makes me a bit sad as well. I love his music!!! I recommend. Enjoy every moment of every day ❤️