Yes… another Friday!!! Roald Dahl…

Isn’t life amazing. And frightening?! And so many more things that I could just continue describing life here for a very long time. No matter what you’ve experienced since last Friday… the days change, the weeks change, seasons change… I think you get what I’m trying to say. Life is amazing! Yes, very hard atContinue reading “Yes… another Friday!!! Roald Dahl…”

2019 what are your plans?

2018 has been quite the eventful year for me: moving country, changing job, commuting at first to my family, new challenges, career coach (amazing!!!), new friends, new school for my daughter, new home, culture, city, food, doctor and many, many more things. Yes of course this was made easier by being Swedish moving to aContinue reading “2019 what are your plans?”

Black Friday any good? Save some money!

Did you manage to find anything that you’ve been looking for? I actually bought a dining table lamp at 25% discount. And it was actually a proper discount- not really 25% though. It’s quite interesting how you really need to keep checking and monitor. It’s almost like a competition and a sport?! Is the productContinue reading “Black Friday any good? Save some money!”

Sunday already?! This week’s challenge…

The days go faster right now. Or, is that even possible? Is time a constant? What do you think? Why is it that sometimes a day can feel extremely long but other times there are just not enough hours in a day. Strange questions perhaps but I like to entertain my thoughts at times! IContinue reading “Sunday already?! This week’s challenge…”