Happy Thursday! Blogging and Black Friday check in

Days are truly flying past this week. I actually started this post saying happy Wednesday… How is the “support your bloggers” going? I read and come across so many it’s quite incredible. I recall my first real communication on my blog with D Wallace Peach she really opened my eyes to the socialising aspect whenContinue reading “Happy Thursday! Blogging and Black Friday check in”

Beautiful nature and more great bloggers!

Sharing pictures that nature offered this morning. We have a northern wind now. It’s nipping and tugging your cheeks. Snow is in the air. I hope this year , we get tons of it! I love it. Especially the white soft fluffy type that truly brightens up the longer darker days. The seasons amazes me.Continue reading “Beautiful nature and more great bloggers!”

Happy Tuesday with some Yoga and supporting my bloggers!

Good morning, If you’d like to start the morning quite vigorously I’d recommend this Yoga Tone with Adriene. It’s quite tough but I promise it’ll wake you up and prepare you for the day ahead! I’d also recommend that you read Racquel Writes! She is a great writer and always makes me laugh or sometimesContinue reading “Happy Tuesday with some Yoga and supporting my bloggers!”

This week’s challenge: support a blogger!!!

Like I said in my previous Thank you for reading! post, this mode of communication is quite astounding. We can reach others globally with the press of a button! I think the majority of us work hard on maintaining a good quality blog. That’s why I propose that this week’s challenge is about supporting anotherContinue reading “This week’s challenge: support a blogger!!!”