Beautiful nature and more great bloggers!

Sharing pictures that nature offered this morning. We have a northern wind now. It’s nipping and tugging your cheeks. Snow is in the air. I hope this year , we get tons of it! I love it. Especially the white soft fluffy type that truly brightens up the longer darker days. The seasons amazes me. I’m so happy to get to experience them!

Another blogger I’ve been following since I started is Renard’s world. Please have a read through his posts. Thoughtful and full of great advice. I recall the first comments I received were from this blogger. The marks we leave on each other’s sites really make a difference. Don’t forget. Take the time out today to read a few posts, like and comment. You know it makes sense. I truly recommend.

Happy Tuesday with some Yoga and supporting my bloggers!

Good morning,

If you’d like to start the morning quite vigorously I’d recommend this Yoga Tone with Adriene. It’s quite tough but I promise it’ll wake you up and prepare you for the day ahead!

I’d also recommend that you read Racquel Writes! She is a great writer and always makes me laugh or sometimes contemplating what she writes about. I’d really recommend!

This week’s challenge: support a blogger!!!

Like I said in my previous Thank you for reading! post, this mode of communication is quite astounding. We can reach others globally with the press of a button! I think the majority of us work hard on maintaining a good quality blog. That’s why I propose that this week’s challenge is about supporting another blogger. Make sure that you read at least three, since all good things come in three, blog posts every day and like AND comment to leave your mark. I know that this means so much! I truly recommend. Come on and join me in this new seven day quest! It makes just perfect sense.

And of course if you decide on liking and comment on more, please be my guest and go crazy!

Homemade blueberry jam!

Easy and quick:

1 1/2 cup of fresh blueberries

1/2 cup of water

2tbs honey (any type of sweet)

Then boil and reduce slightly for about 30 minutes on low heat. Check regularly and stir!

Today I’m using this in my yoghurt with some coconut flakes and will also make a light sponge cake with the fresh jam. Enjoy! I recommend.

Thank you for reading!

I check my stats regularly. I’m so curious to see who reads what I write. So far, readers from close to 40 countries are checking in regularly. Since I’ve joined I’ve had more than 3,000 views, 1,200 visitors and 1,600 likes and almost 500 comments. I’m not comparing with anyone else, so I don’t know what this interprets into in the world of blogging. But in my world, this makes me rather happy! I’m right now in a strategising phase and have a very busy daily life so the foot has been lifted of the gas pedal slightly on my blog in the last week but that is just right now. As I’ve said on numerous occasions, I’m writing because I truly love this. To recommend and come up with challenges with an ultimate goal of making you realise that life is pretty amazing. Not always- of course not?! But that’s normal! Push through, strategise, focus and work towards that goal of yours. Who says it’s impossible? Is it someone else- or is it you? What do you want to achieve? I think it’s nice to set goals. Perhaps I will create some actually for 2019! I honestly think that you can set new goals regularly as well and am no fan of creating goals that set you up for failure. So they should all be measurable and some even fun! Not just all these with losing weight, start going to the gym etc etc. I’ll add some fun & nice ones. Like going to the spa, buying that thing you’ve longed for and of course some more of the usual ones!

But this is a thank you to all of you who read, like and comment every day! It truly feels quite special! Make sure you comment and check out some new blogs today! Why not? I know it’ll make someone’s day. I’ll never forget the feeling I had after receiving my first comment. Ecstatic! I truly recommend!

Yet another Friday!!! What about the weather?

Today I welcome yet another Friday in my life. Days, weeks, months and years add up in our lives. Truly, make the most of every single day. Enjoy the good and the bad times. That is what fills life! We are here…quite amazing if you think about the very big picture, history and more.

It’s been quite warm here lately. And I’m looking forward to colder weather and snow. Here in Scandinavia we do talk a lot about the weather. I love experiencing the four seasons again. Every single season has its charm. The colours are still spectacular. Do you have a general chit chat subject that you talk about a lot? I’m curious!

Today, Friday- go out and make the most of it! And remember that you are in charge. I really recommend!