Friday motivation! Don’t give up…

Another Friday. Life moves on no matter what. Days turn into nights and then yet again we have another morning in front of us! I really like Fridays. Opportunities to look back and ahead at the same time. Evaluate- reevaluate. I did read some great inspirational posts from another blogger the other day. She shared how she used to be a photographer but is now focusing more and more on her blog.

“You become what you do”.

That is so true. It’s so easy to set limits in our lives- I can’t do this… but why? See limits and obstacles as challenges and goals to overcome and reach instead! You can do most things you aim for! I really truly recommend! Have a splendid Friday!!!

Amazing Tapas in London! TapaVino.

There are many good restaurants in London. It amazes how many new ones that opens up regularly. What’s great is that you can find a cuisine for every flavour of the world and in many different price ranges as well. You can book for a small group, a large group and of course visit by yourself! Having lived in Spain for a while one of my favourite cuisines is Spanish. I love the warmth, the flavours, the fresh ingredients. I also enjoy how they eat. Usually late in the evening. At first, that was a bit different to get used to but it makes perfect sense. Later in the evening it’s cooler and your appetite returns.

I would really recommend visits to this place if you ever visit London!


Many great dishes to sample and a great way of eating by sharing (if you want!) and followed by some nice wines, a very cold beer or simply water! I really truly recommend!

Just another Tuesday!

Just like that… these last few weeks a very busy February. As my life coach says… do you push or do you pull?

Spring is slowly fighting to get through the days and nights. Days are getting longer… this morning a beautiful sky pinkish is greeting us! I can’t help but to start thinking about cycling, morning swims, my running plans and of course upgrading my wardrobe some! Here is a snapshot of items I’d love to move in!!! Basic and some with a twist. I’m starting to be influenced by the Nordic brands. Not so strange perhaps! I do recommend:

Yet another amazing Friday!

Yet another Friday and the sickness bug still holds its grip! It’s still about remaining positive and thinking ahead.

Sometimes easier said than done! Nevertheless, it’s Friday again! I hope you all have some nice plans for the weekend? Here will be about continued recovery, cleaning (I quite like that!), washing, airing out germs, slowly get back into my yoga, lots of hot tea, relaxing and working away from home as much as I can!

Right now, I’m very happy to have access to Lemsip. It makes me feel ok actually. Not that I want to advertise medicine I am not a doctor at all. It works for me though this time! I’ve noticed that access to OTC medicine varies so much from country to country! In my experience, it’s very good in the USA. Here in Denmark, not the same. Anyhow, I’m not a doctor! Thank you for all your well wishes too. It helps!

Have the most amazing of Fridays and make the most of it!!! That… I truly recommend!!!