Friday inspiration!

Mindset; what is that? How can you go from a negative attitude to a more positive one?

Instead of I can’t, reframe to How do I learn?

Instead of thinking it’s too hard, see it as a challenge instead.

Instead of thinking I’m not good enough, set your mind to actively thinking you can actually get better at it.

Sometimes the worst enemy in your life is actually your own brain and your own thoughts.

Give yourself some credit and a hug. Think good thoughts about yourself. This way you start to radiate! And this… is contagious.

I so… recommend!

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What is a good mindset? Why are certain people more positive than others?

A pinch of optimism will certainly help. Believe in yourself and that what you do and say make a difference. Don’t think otherwise. Accept that things in life doesn’t always work out the way you want to, or how you planned. That’s probably the case for most people. Everyone has more than likely faced challenges and difficulties at some point. And probably more than just once! Acknowledge them, embrace them even. And also learn from mistakes. Don’t forget to say sorry as well if you’ve hurt someone and realised your errors. Don’t give up either. Persist. There are always more than one way to solve an issue. Always! Be resilient. Bounce back from negativity, adversity, setbacks. Be passionate about your life, and set goals. Look forward. And in between all of this, just stop for a second. Take a deep breath and realise how good life can be. Be grateful, even for the smallest thing. I so… recommend! 🙏😌

Never tire of the sun setting 🙏

Weekly motivation!

Weekends can be very refreshing. They can be the perfect time to recharge your batteries. They can also be the perfect moment to go on a weekend trip away somewhere. Just the perfect amount of time to refresh, recharge and get ready for the week ahead!

“Make happiness a priority”

Focus on what gives you energy and happiness!

I so… recommend! Have a great week!

View of London!

Weekly inspiration!

How about deciding to just fulfil your goals? Don’t tell anyone. Just do them. In the next six months, just decide to be in a different spot than today.

Most of the time, the only limit is your mind. If you think it, you are to some extent saying that’s the truth. So why not raise the bar, and just decide to go for it. Why not?

“Begin with the end in mind” where do you want to be in the next six months starting from today? Let’s check in now in and see where exactly are you with your goals this time in August? Are you with me? I so… recommend!!!

Have a fabulous week!

Beautiful Copenhagen