Focus, vision, goal and affirmation!

Another week! The wind is strong outside. Yesterday we had so much rain and the sky was full of lightning and thunder. This time of year in the Nordics can be quite magic. Some people don’t like it- but it is marvellous. Hard at times yes as it gets very dark. But that’s why you try and make it cosy- or “Hygge

Focus this week is on balance. Have you ever tried to look at your life like a cake? Don’t laugh… but that each piece reflects what’s important to you and then you ensure that each size is right. Have you got balance?

Visualise the calm- see your favourite colour in front of you when you get stressed, angry or upset. Picture yourself somewhere safe and comfortable and take deep breathes. What is calm to you?

Goal is to be and remain confident. Listen to your inner voice. What does it tell you?

Affirmation is just purely that “today will be great- this week will be great”! Tell yourself this every time you wake up this week. To yourself and out loud.

We are positive and we can… just because! I so… recommend! Have a great week!!!

Photo by Efdal YILDIZ from Pexels

Great start to your day!

To set the day right from the start I really recommend some yoga.

Wake Up Yoga

This session is easy and short and prepares you for the day ahead. I so recommend this along with entering three things that you are grateful for in your life. Train your brain to positivity! It’s so contagious and makes such a difference! Personally I notice a difference almost instantly. We all have bad and good days. But I so much prefer positivity and to be a light. It’s so needed. So rather than focus on the bad, what’s not working just switch- focus on the good and what’s working instead. Why not???

Go on, wake up, prepare a hot drink, some eggs, do a yoga session, note down what you’re grateful for and just see how your day unfolds. I so… recommend!

Focus, vision, goal and affirmation!

Focus this week is on remaining calm and to achieve what you set out to achieve. To stop over analysing and think about what other people think. What truly matters? What you think… or what other people think?

Vision is on the good- truly to see the good in people, events and to attract more positivity. Send more positivity your way! You attract what you ask for to some extent…

Goal is to be happy, content and sure of what you do. Radiate confidence and see what happens. Amazing thing is that we do have a choice on how we behave. No one else should affect you- no one!

Mantra is to slow down and be happy with what you do. Every single day. You are enough… you truly are! Of course we all have different lives, circumstances that are different- but one thing you can control is you…! Go on- go out there and shine because you truly deserve it. I so recommend!