So many places to visit and see- Lyngby in Denmark

There are many cute cities and towns in Denmark. One of them only 15 minutes from Copenhagen is Lyngby. It is a very picturesque place often full of pedestrians. There is a Main Street full of shops. There is also a bigger shopping centre and Magasin du Nord. You can also visit a great furniture shop Ilva- a good complement to IKEA!

If you want to explore areas outside of Copenhagen, I truly recommend a visit to Lyngby where you can stroll around, window shop and shop and sit down and have something nice to eat when you start to get that little bit peckish!

Looking after yourself as autumn approaches- La Mer

Dr Max Huber is the physicist who invented the range of La Mer products. He suffered an accident in his lab and started his quest in finding a healing potion. This all started back in the 1950s in California. La Mer products are a part of the Estee Lauder family. I had no idea?! I do know that a lot of the beauty products are owning different brands ranging from low to high end products. According to the website:

La Mer

It took Dr Max Huber 12 years and 6,000 number of experiments before he actually found the secret of the sea- where the name also originates from. This also shows strength and commitment and sends a message to us all not to give up if you truly believe in what you do! I would love for these products to move in with me this autumn! I recommend.

You can now also find these products at Boozt.


This weeks’ challenge- organise your photos!!!

This week I challenge you to organise your pictures. I’m sure you, like I do, have many, many pictures stored on your computer (and in the cloud!)

1. Make sure you have folders on your computer and that the naming convention makes sense

2. Check where you have all your photos and start saving them into one place

3. Start syncing and sorting all your photos

4. Start using a photo management tool

5. Use DropBox- it’s one of my favourites!

6. Think about how you want to share your photos

7. Go through them diligently- which one do you want to save? Delete old photos you no longer like and duplicated photos. Then start saving them down in the right folders

8. Save favourite pictures in a Favourite folder. Change some of them into canvases using TouchNote, or save pictures in a book. Photos are also excellent gifts! Another way to make someone happy.

You know once you’ve gone through all your pictures and decided which ones to keep where- you will feel great and organised! Do it- you know it makes sense!

Blogging as a business

I’m sure you are also aware of the humongous amount of information that is available out there when it comes to blogging. Still considering myself a complete novice at this, it is daunting the amount that’s out there?! What to do?

1. Create good quality content. I think that this is the first priority and what is the most important part of blogging. Because quite simply- if you don’t write what people want to read or are interested in- well there is not that much that you can do. Unless of course your goal is to write for you and to keep a diary to yourself. And of course just because you love it.

2. Create a dialogue and interaction with your readers. I vividly remember my first comment and how excited I was. It made me more curious to see who that person was. I’ve actually ordered one of her books now to read. More on that in a separate blog. Every time someone signs up to my blog, follows me on twitter or checks out my Pinterest I get excited and also feel grateful. People might actually be interested in what I have to say?! How about that! 😌

3. Do a business plan and start following influencers that inspire you! There is no wrong or right here. Check out blogs that look nice and utilise what you like to make your site look nice, inviting, warm and professional. They might also keep you inspired!

4. Decide how you want to operate your blog and what it actually should look like. To be honest, here I have a lot of research to do, WordPress, Bluehost, tailsweep, themes, an about me page, how can I be contacted to do business with etc.

5. Review the tools that you have to work with: laptops, macs, iPhones, cameras. What do you have, and what do you actually need?

6. Do a weekly to do list and schedule. Yes- I encourage you to look at the bigger picture and your big goal but then to break it down to smaller tasks that you can and will tick ✅. Remember- you probably created this blog because it is something you actually enjoy doing. Don’t forget to enjoy every step on the way as well- the journey in itself! Don’t make this to create (more) stress in your life!

Then think about your niche, do you need one? And also who your audience actually is. Who wants to read what you write? Who are all these people? I have to admit that I’m very curious and would love to get to know my readers more. Don’t be too focused on statistics at first but also, don’t forget that if you want this to become a full time job- to treat it as such. Nothing in life comes for free. You will have ups and downs, good and bad days and most likely a number of rejections if you are looking for sponsors. A bit like job hunting. Just as when you are looking for a job, would you stop if you didn’t get that particular job? No- I don’t think so. I don’t know the exact statistics for how many that stop their blogs in the first year, but just as with a new business I’d imagine the number is high. If you don’t want to be one of them, get your hands dirty and put in the time and effort in this. For most of us, it will most definitely not happen overnight nor will we become huge bloggers or influencers. But I truly think a lot of us can make a good living out of this. Why not? Who says we can’t?!

Last week I did my Postcard challenge- I’m happy with my efforts and some friends now have the postcards up on their fridge at home. It makes me happy and I have a smile on my face. I actually made a difference to someone I care about.

This weeks challenge will be slightly different. I challenge you to clean up your photos!!! I personally have 1,000s of photos. I will spend 20-30 minutes a day this week to clean up my pictures and decide where and how to best store them: DropBox or google drive- or somewhere else. It’s so easy taking pictures. More work involved sorting and deleting them! Don’t you think?! So this week I challenge you to a photo clean up! Come on and join me, you know it makes perfect sense!!!

Guest bloggers to invite

I’m working on different strategies with this blog to reach out to a wider audience. My idea is to, in a few months time, invite people here to write something every Friday. I would like the focus to be on what they do in their life to keep positive. Or it could be about recommending something that this person want to share.

I’ve said before- for me- it is, and will be important to have an interactive audience with comments so… if you have any suggestions on what you would like to share, should you be a guest blogger- please let me know! I am all ears!