Friday inspiration!

Yet, another Friday. Never ever in our modern time has so much changed in one week. Still nature continues, spring is approaching even though it’s still cold outside. Every morning we wake up we have frost outside. The sky is blue and the sun is shining brightly. When I started writing here, my goal was to find happiness in the smallest thing. That’s so true… try and find something good in the tiniest thing… the colour of nature outside, the smell of coffee- you probably gather by now that I do like my coffee, the heat from the ray of the sun. Stay strong as well. This will pass… that I am sure of. Meanwhile also allow time to be sad and grieve even for what is going on- how can you not… however stay strong, remain calm and believe that there is light and this shall pass. Also think of ways how you can help… funding, support, coaching, shopping for someone sick or older. Or just be there and listen… we can all make a difference…!!! I so… recommend 🙏🙏🙏

“ Be the reason someone smiles today”

Spring is arriving in Denmark 🇩🇰

Focus, vision, goal and affirmation!

Focus is on remaining calm. To accept that there are things now out of our control. But there are also so many things that we can control: how we behave. That is fully… with you.

Visualise calmness and inner strength. Life as we know it is changing…

Set up small goals for yourself: stick to good routines, exercise, go outside if you can and are allowed, talk to friends and relatives, limit the news, focus on facts!

“This too, shall pass…” let’s make sure we look after one another… I so… recommend 🙏❤️

London during one of my runs a few years ago

Friday in Denmark- Day 5!

Friday! What a week. What a 2020? There is… light at the end of this tunnel! Until then, make the most of this time. To analyse a little… our environment is having a reset in some places.

Bored at home?

Maybe some good tips for you if you’re stuck at home???

Enjoy the small things- this morning for me is a cup of coffee and a freshly squeezed orange juice. Real luxury I know…

“You can do this, we can do this” after this… together…I so… recommend! Happy Friday!

Thursday in Denmark- Day 4!

So… I will not update you guys everyday on the developments here… we are just simply in a new paradigm! It’s so important to focus on what makes us feel good at the moment. Today we’ve been blessed with another sunny day. It really helps when the sun is out! I also took my daughter outside on a bike ride in the middle of the day. She gets restless if we stay inside too much. So keep focusing on the positive! There is and will be more light. Hopefully we will all learn to be more modest, grateful and humble to one another once things calm down more. Use this time well. I understand we all have different circumstances. I’m trying to stay calm, fully allow myself to feel strange but to quickly snap out of it, enjoy where we live, just randomly go outside with my daughter and cycle around like a crazy person, cook more at home- but also help out our near takeaway food places! We will bake a cake as well later on to use our overripe bananas. So… I so recommend you do what makes you feel good: go outside for fresh air if you can, enjoy friends & family if you live together now, sign up to online classes, exercise, don’t spend too much time following the news… it can be draining. Also stay in touch remotely to people further away. Most of all- stay calm and be well!

A new generation experiencing a paradigm shift