Focus, vision, goal and affirmation!

Focus on staying strong and focus on what you’ve set up as targets just for you. Be it training, to eat well, read more books etc. Do it. I think we sometimes spend too much about the thinking and less on the doing?! 5-10 minutes of activity is better than sitting still in the sofa, reading a few pages and just to start is better than letting your books collect dust in the bookshelf. To eat well 60% is better than to just eat unhealthy food… I think at times the biggest hurdle is to just get started. So this week just do something just for you because it will make you feel so much better. Feel it from within and see and visualise a better you! Remind yourself that “you got this”!!!

Tell yourself many times. Repeat. I so… recommend!

Beautiful sky in Tivoli, Copenhagen

Focus, vision, goal and affirmation!

Focus on the routine, breathing, to really look at things. Have you actually just walked around the corner from where you live and just looked? What is the colour of the house next to you? Do you know your neighbor? Do you know their names? The world is different. A chance to discover what’s on your doorstep. Just this moment. Any animals? Maybe some beautiful flowers or other greenery. Just go outside, breathe, feel the air rushing through your body. One day… at a time… The mantra this week is to “be the most important person”. Put yourself first. But make sure you do it with gratitude, politeness and full of humbling attitude. Can you do something today that will make a big difference for someone else? An email or a phone call? Or maybe sit down and write an old fashioned letter and send it physically to someone. You can really make a difference. But also… do not forget about yourself- from the inside to the outside. Don’t get complacent. Don’t stop your routine. I so… recommend. Have a super week!!!

A walk in our park enjoying the autumn approaching with a change in the air

Focus, vision, goal and affirmation!

Another week. Another opportunity to decide what you should focus on. The negative or the positive? You decide… try and create a big vision for your life. To some extent you become your thoughts and what you believe, what you believe you can become. This week, make happiness your priority. Be gentle with yourself. I so… recommend ❤️

A trip… a lifetime ago ❤️

Focus, vision, goal and affirmation!

Focus on taking deep breathes this week. Long, slow and deep breathes. See yourself sitting comfortably with your hands relaxed in front of you. Goal is to find the balance and remain calm.

“I breathe in calmness, I breath out stress”. If it gets too much this week, sit down somewhere comfortable, close your eyes and just breathe… and say these words out gently to yourself… we can, we will. One day… at a time!!! I so… recommend!

Sun is hiding behind the clouds…