How can you make it a success?

What is the difference of achieving something and failing at something? I believe the key is… being consistent…

I admit that I try and try… then fail then try again.

Racquel is someone’s who writes great, honest and inspiring posts. Reading her latest blog inspires me to also want to be that little bit more healthier again. Especially as summer is approaching and we have a few things booked where I know I will feel better if I think about what I eat, drink and increase my exercise now. However the key is… to be consistent… and not to give up! Food for thought! Literally… I do… recommend. Also to read Raquel’s blog!

Have an amazing rest of this Friday!

Quintessential British- Afternoon Tea!

There are a few things I actually think you should do if you ever visit the UK. One of them is an Afternoon Tea. There are so many choices in London, I actually cannot recommend one in particular.

Afternoon Tea- history

It’s actually a relatively new concept originating from 1840. A Duchess started to get hungry in the late afternoon and asked for a tray of sandwiches. She then started to invite friends over to join her. It then became popular amongst the upper class around 1880.

A traditional Afternoon Tea consists of small sandwiches with different fillings, scones with clotted cream and jam followed by pastries. Then this is of course served with a selection of great teas. If you want some more extravaganza, usually you can also select a cold glass of champagne to accompany this. It is a lovely event to experience. I’d definitely recommend this. It usually takes place in beautiful settings with beautiful music playing in the background- we had a pianist playing, which added to the experience.

If you are ever in the UK and want to treat yourself to some luxury, I would most definitely recommend that you try this out! Do some online research before to find good deals and good recommendations on where to go as this changes year to year! Don’t always go for the most obvious one… I hope you enjoy!

Focus, vision, goal and affirmation!

Focus this week is on remaining positive. To be positive throughout the ups and the downs. I see myself content by the end of this week as doing a lot of fun things: seeing friends, shopping and an afternoon tea.

Goal is to take action- turn thoughts into action: for this week which will lead into the future. I know it’ll be fine! Determination has to work!

Affirmation: ” all that I need is drawn to me” I will say that out loud several times this week! You try it too!

There is so much that takes place with your thoughts that turn into action. You control these- fully. Don’t forget. Be in charge of your life. Another week is now ahead of us- enjoy, make the most of it! I so recommend. Have a fabulous week and go and take action- now!!!

Friday inspiration!

Today, again it’s Friday. I’ve written this now so many times. So for certain- time moves no matter what; wind, rain or sunshine, in good, bad and sad times. Do you forget though the difference that you can actually make in someone else’s life? Someone you know- maybe someone you don’t know? Never underestimate your power to make a change and a difference in the world. Decide today to do just that; say a kind word to someone who looks like s/he needs it, help someone with an errand, hold the door open, help someone carry a heavy bag/ pram up/ down those stairs, offer your seat up, give someone a lift, invite your older relative over for a fantastic dinner?! I mean the opportunities to make someone happy are endless! Just do it! I truly, truly recommend.

Have the most amazing on Fridays!!!

Fitness recommendation 7 minutes!

On the quest for a healthier lifestyle I came across the app 7M WOMEN. To be honest, I think it’ll work just fine for anyone who wants to feel better. So easy to use and I think we all have at least 7 minutes to spare on ourselves every day- right?

I really recommend! Remember that fitness and training is not really about being better than someone else- it’s more about you being better today than yesterday! Go for it- try it out! Again, one app where it’s more about showing up than anything else- all you need is a comfortable mat! Just… do it!!!

Do good- to yourself…!

It’s so easy to forget about what actually is good for you. It’s so important to look after yourself. After too many bugs (new country?) I’ve decided to focus on my health even more. In goes vitamins, more water, vegetables, fruits and positive thoughts and thinking. Body & mind as they do go hand in hand. Don’t neglect. A great start to my morning with apple cider vinegar water, eggs and before that a detox session with Adriene. Sometimes with exercise the most challenging thing is to show up- don’t you think? That’s what I love about Yoga with Adriene- you just need your mat- and will power to show up- anywhere anytime. Self control as well helps and determination- to feel good in your skin! I really recommend.

Detox Yoga – a sweaty cleansing practice.

Start the day for you!!!

Focus, vision, goal and affirmation!

A new week and we are ready to let it begin!

Focus this week will be to renew- a bit like the first day of a new year. Cleaning away, clearing up, deleting emails, apps on the iPhone, find new news sources, move folders- a spring clean- a new mind- reset!

Vision- a new beginning, healthier choices, better eating, more water. Healthy mind and a healthy body. To feel comfortable in my own skin. It doesn’t come for free. You do need to work at it. Simple as that! Eat well, exercise and get plenty of rest. Be comfortable with who you are! Ahum… 🙏🏻😌

Goal- to make it through the week. Last week then some well deserved holiday, family and friends time! 5 more work days…

Affirmation- I can because I say I can. Just… like… that…