Focus, vision, goal and affirmation!

Focus is on achieving the small goals. To break them down and to truly make them achievable- just as the word indicate… achieve ✅

See yourself content and happy with you, with what you have achieved. Miracles do happen!

Create small goals, happy goals, goals that make you feel good and proud about who you are:

* Reading- a few pages each day

* Health focused- 10-20 minutes every day

* Eat well- just be more conscious about what you put in your body. Treat it well, treat yourself well!

That’s it for this week. Small, achievable goals that will make you feel awesome!

“Results happen over time, not overnight. Work hard, stay consistent and be patient.”

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Yoga when you’re unwell: Adriene

So February is a month when many people get sick in the Nordics. And I’m aware of the virus that’s circulating right now too in many places…

Though if you have a cold, feeling unwell and a bit lethargic I recommend one of Adriene’s yoga sessions. Adriene- yoga when you’re not well. It’s very gentle and leaves you with a bit of energy after. I really… recommend!


Focus, vision, goal and affirmation!

So… focus. Focus is on the small things. And to make sure that any good thing is celebrated! To not set the bar too high.

Vision is beauty. To see and feel beauty from the inside and out.

Goal, small ones, achievable ones… one step at a time- one foot in front of the other!

Affirmation: “tough situations build resilient people”… it does. So when it happens next time, you’re more prepared and reality doesn’t feel so hard.

Life is great, it’s every day, it’s the good and the bad times. That’s what makes it so exciting! Go on… have an amazing week!!!

I so… recommend…!!!

It is the small things in life…

It is the small things in life that counts and make a difference. Do you ever stop and look at the sky? Today where I am, it’s beautiful. Light blue with grey and white clouds with purple and pink hints. The sun is slowly rising. It’s fascinating how the sun rises and sets at such different times (yes I know earth being round? and all that…or?) but the difference it makes to the hours of daylight you get. There are some parts in northern Sweden where citizens get 4 hours of twilight and 20 hours of darkness. The last two years now, our lives have been living in darker times. It makes a difference. We try to lighten and brighten up the darkness with more lights and candles, and to eat better and include different type of vitamins. Regular exercise also helps to combat the darkness. Some people are not impacted at all, some are. I’ve also realised how important it is to stay positive. And if you been following my posts, you know it’s not at all easy at times… but that’s when we need our thoughts and willpower more, to steer our minds to happier thinking. Of course, many outside events beyond our control can hinder us from doing so. But our minds are more powerful than that. I’ve just started reading a book about the power of exercise Brain Power. I admit, I am one of those who plan and start… and then stop or don’t remain as focused or committed as I want and what I know would be good for me… so hoping that this book will convince me to take up my running again and focus on my exercise more. Of course that is what makes sense. To ensure your body moves?! So I am not giving up on being good to myself; eat better, exercise more, read more, less social media, more happy thoughts, less focus on the negative… right? I… think I actually do… recommend! Be good to yourself…

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