Holiday through Europe ending in Venice

Venice- the city built on dirt and mud many years ago. The city has a history going back to 400 AD. It was founded by people who escaped barbarian conquerors. People used the marshy lagoons and the city was founded on 118 small islands. It’s truly a mystery. How come the city isn’t sinking? Or is it? How do they maintain the buildings here? Is the water clean? Why the gondolas?

The city has sunk 9 inches these last 100 years so in a way, it is sinking. Maybe the city will cease to exist as it is today if water levels rise. The buildings were originally built on long wooden piles. Occasionally water is also drained from canals so that necessary repairs can be made. There are days for rubbish collection as well. The water here is clean but a swim in the canals is definitely not recommended. It’s also quite deep ranging from 30-60 feet deep. The Venetian lagoon is 164 feet below sea level. The gondolas are heavy. They are all 10.87cm long and 1.42cm wide. A mystery surrounds gondolas but they have evolved over time. The people who drive these are extremely skilful. It’s a beautiful city. I’d definitely recommend a visit here if you get the chance. Of course full of tourists but it’s so impressive you almost forget about the crowds when you walk around on the small streets in the myriad of buildings, canals, gondolas and people. it’s a magical place.

Holidays- what are they? What do they mean to you?

What are holidays- really? This depends right? Where you live, culture, where you work, if you work, have kids and so on…

The Nordics are generous when it comes to holidays. I mean that in terms of number of weeks but also how holidays are perceived and treated. It seems as if people here actually switch off and take holidays. During summer time, many places really slow down, some even close for a few weeks. Like hairdressers. I’ve worked in different countries and held many different positions in different companies. The range of weeks have been very varied. Some companies also offer a buy & a sell scheme of days. An interesting concept is what’s called “Bank holidays” they have these in the U.K. They were introduced in 1871 by the Banks. Originally these were four days. These fall on Mondays. This is quite different from the Nordics were public holiday can fall any day of the week. I don’t know what I prefer? According to the:

World Atlas

Cambodia has the most number of public holidays with 28 days. The Nordic countries are also up in the top with 11-15 public holidays each. The U.K. has 8 days and the USA seems to have the same in 2018 at least! No matter the number of days, it is important with rest and the ability to switch off. I think a lot of people work hard and set expectations high- on themselves. Sometimes it’s important to just switch of though and get rest and recover. That is something that I truly recommend!

Headphones recommendations Sony WH-CH500

We all know that Christmas is approaching- and that fast! I decided a while back to invest in some wireless headphones. I’ve never had any and with all the travelling I’ve done lately, I thought it was time. I can easily say that I can recommend these:

Sony WH-CH500

Considering how expensive some are, these are definitely worth their price. Around USD 50/ GBP 40. I’m by no mean an expert in this field but for me, they do the trick! Very easy to connect and charge. Perhaps a Christmas gift for someone?

Challenge yourself!!!

This week I will challenge you to take action and do what you know is right!

Open doors for older people, give your seat away for pregnant ladies, if someone is doing something you know is wrong- speak up!

I also challenge you to push yourself; sign up to that course you know you want, book that trip you’ve been thinking about, sign up for that race you know you want to do or that sports event you want to participate in! Take action, make a difference, challenge yourself and make people around you happy!!!

You know you can do it and that it makes absolutely perfect sense!!!

Genius Bloggers Toolkit

It’s almost been 5 months now since I started blogging. Time goes fast when you’re having fun! It feels as if I’ve just started this journey. I have so much more to learn, conquer and so many challenges to overcome.

I have mentioned before, but later on this year, I’d like to go self- hosted. I still have a lot of questions to work out first though before I take this step.

I keep seeing information about this course that you can buy until tomorrow or Monday: The Genius Bloggers Toolkit. Have you heard of it? It is a collection of ebooks, ecourses and other digital products. This is the third annual addition. The cost of this is USD97. Sounds like a good price? I love researching and investing and I have to admit that when it comes to this blogging journey, there is so much more for me to learn. I also know that if you want to get really good at something, you have to invest. Not always financially but time wise as well. That’s what will challenge you and take you to the next level. For Q4, my goal with my blog is to step it up a notch. I’m slowly but surely increasing my followers. Yesterday I hit another milestone as well in “likes”. That’s what I enjoy the most; people actually taking the time to read, comment and “liking” it.

This course is being advertised by many different bloggers right now:

The Genius Bloggers Toolkit

I honestly don’t know if I can recommend it as I have not signed up or tried it yet. I just know personally, that if this blog and my goals are to be reached, I have to start to invest more and continue my strategy. Also not to forget, that I am writing because I love it! It’s creative and there are honestly no limits to what you can achieve as a blogger. I truly believe that, as with most things; if you invest, work hard and if you are determined to reach your goal(s), you will get there!!! Reach for the stars 🌟!!!

Friday inspiration

Today is Friday. One of many great days! I read this quote and realised how true this is. It’s so important to shut out noice and just focus sometimes. Easier said than done perhaps?

This weekend I want family and friend time, a lot of Hygge with nice dinners and long talks. Maybe a few walks in the park. It looks like the weather will be beautiful here. Here autumn has arrived full force with leaves turning red and yellow. Quite a spectacular landscape!

I wish you all a very Happy Friday!!!