Prepare for Christmas- lists and beat Black Friday!

Christmas is approaching and it’s approaching fast. To make this period more fun and less stressful I recommend creating lists. You can use different lists and download them on your phone or iPad for example. You can of course also use the good old pen and paper. You can set a budget and start listing who you need to buy what for and how much you are willing to spend.

I’ve downloaded a few and will most likely use the “Manage Christmas list”. It seems to be one of the more straightforward ones.

I also recommend that you start saving down items in wish lists. Some shops that I use and like, such as John Lewis you can create different type of lists and name them after people or groups. In Amazon you can do the same.

If you start this already, I can promise you that you will feel a lot more prepared when Christmas arrives. Because one thing for certain is, it’ll be here before we know it! You can also use these lists and buy gifts in advance on Black Friday. Black Friday is on November 23 this year. And why not take advantage of it by saving down favourites in various shops online and buy things when they are cheaper?! If you’re ready to just hit buy online you also beat the crowds. Unless you enjoy the busyness that day! Personally, I will try and get most things online this year. Hopefully that will be possible here in Denmark but I already know that I miss shops here that I’m used to in the USA and in the U.K.! I recommend however to fully enjoy this countdown period now to Christmas… 48 days left and counting…!

Sass & Bell to recommend

A very dear friend of mine, Sam ❤️, gave me some very cute recyclable bags a few weeks ago. They look amazing and are very practical to keep with you. It’s also a good way to stop buying plastic bags whenever you do.

Sass & Bell

It’s a really cute shops with presence in the U.K. It looks like you can also order to the USA as it directs you to their US online shop. Take a look! They even have personalised items which could be good ideas as Christmas gifts. I really recommend (in particular the recyclable bags!).

Pictures from their Webshop

Best cities to visit in 2019

Today I wanted to share with you the best cities to visit in 2019. Bear in mind that any kind of list like this is of course subjective depending on who has written it and where they live- and most likely other factors too. Nevertheless, according to Lonely Planet the first city is:

  1. Copenhagen. This surprised me. Not that I don’t like it here, but that it’s the first on the list of cities to visit in 2019 did. It is a great city which has a lot to offer and to see. Visit Copenhagen here you can read more about this city!
  2. Shenzhen in China is the next city that the Lonely Planet recommends. It’s also called “Silicon Valley” of China. Seems to have quite a bit of culture as well to see and explore.
  3. The next city is in Serbia called Novi Sad. I have visited Croatia and can recommend this area. It’s beautiful!
  4. Then follows Miami in the USA. I have to admit that I am a little bit tempted to go and visit. Anyone been here?
  5. Then we have a city which sounds rather interesting in Nepal- Kathmandu. I’m sure that would be quite an adventurous journey to do!
  6. Next is Mexico- Mexico City. I’ve been to Mexico a few times and always had a good time. Nice food and a lot to explore.
  7. The next city is in Africa- in Senegal and the city that the Lonely Planet recommends is Dakar. I really love the fact that the list of cities is so diverse! If you’d visit them all in 2019 it would be a bit like doing a world trip?!
  8. Next is Seattle in the USA. I’ve been here but that was a few years ago. I recall going to Starbucks!
  9. Then on the list we actually have Croatia; Zadar. As I’ve said earlier, this is truly a great place to visit! Beautiful landscape and very blue sea.
  10. The last city is in Morocco called Meknes. I imagine this to be full of things to see with lots of exotic smells from a myriad of warm spices.
  • As with all of these lists, of course they are subjective. I do like that this list seems to be quite diverse. Do you have any travel plans for next year? Do you have a travel list with places that you’d love to visit?
  • This week’s challenge- be grateful!

    To practice gratitude is something that we all should do. I have started to write down 3 things every morning that I’m grateful for using 3 Good Things. Happiness is also something that we all strive towards- right? What then is the secret to this? Money, health, great family, amazing friends, supportive partner, successful children, well trained pets, own your home, live in a secure area, love your job? The list goes on… I am starting to think that there is no secret though… Having stumbled across this Ted talk: Want to be happy- be grateful it makes me realise what a powerful word gratefulness truly is. And also how powerful the feeling of being grateful really is. I love the idea of tagging things in the home that we take for granted such as the tap. Not everyone has this feature in their home.

    I’ve talked prior about how I see the world and everything in it developing in cycles. I think all this meditation, yoga and mindset is something that is in a growth stage. If you look at the product life cycle, we have:

    • Development or research
    • Growth stage
    • Maturity stage
    • Decline stage

    We are where this kind of thinking is becoming more mainstream and gaining more and more acceptance. More and more of us are practicing this. Some of us have perhaps always done it?

    This week, I challenge you and recommend you to write down 3 things every day that you are grateful for. Nothing complicated, simple things such as where you live, the weather, positive things about yourself, your health, that you make someone happy in your life, the air, water and so on…

    I also think it’s important to think about the here and the now and how you can truly make a difference. In your life and for people around you. Try it! Accept this challenge and let me know how you get on- it’s a challenge for 7 days that might make you think slightly different. You have nothing to lose! I truly recommend: every day, write down 3 things that you are grateful for!

    Blogging and niches- do you have to pick?

    As I’m sure you are all aware, there are a lot of blogs available to read, follow and to admire. When you started to blog- did you have a niche in mind already? Or has that developed over time? When researching blogs- as I love my research… there are a lot of blogs out there, tons! I believe that it will be (already is?!) a profession that is here to stay. All of us who blog, we have our own business to some extent. Have you thought about that? You are a business owner. Try and say that out loud- “I am a business owner”. I don’t know about you, but it feels pretty good to say that! As I’ve said many times before, there is a lot of work that goes into blogging and I’ve personally just started and know I have so many more goals and targets to achieve. But I’m pacing myself, I’m doing my research- I truly want my blogging to be and remain something I enjoy. That brings me happiness- that encourages people and that makes other people feel great! It makes me very happy to see that you read the books I recommend, are a little bit tempted to try yoga, drink that extra glass of water and decide to use a recyclable bag instead of a plastic bag. I suppose my niche is wide; it’s about recommending and to make you (myself included!!!) enjoy every single moment of every day. The good and the crappy days. We all have them! It’s about believing in yourself and to make the most of what you have. A positive mindset can do miracles. As I’ve said before, this positive journey for me has just begun and I can’t wait for the rest of this journey to continue. There are no limits to how good you can feel.

    There are so many niches out there; how to blog, the tools you can use, baking, lifestyle, knitting, running, how to make money, how to be frugal, parenting, health, fitness and the list goes on and on. I personally don’t think you have to pick a niche. I think it’s more important that you are passionate about what you write and the message you want to share and convey. This could of course be indirect as well; as if you write about a subject that attracts a lot of readers and followers and you start making money and that is what you’re passionate about- then that will work for you as income is what motivates you. Others are driven by feedback, communication and problem solving. No matter what niche you write or pick… I truly believe there are no limits to what you can achieve. So just go for it. What’s stopping you? I truly recommend!

    Friday inspiration and Yoga if you’re unwell

    For a while now, I’m learning how much your mind and attitude plays a role in your life- some days are easier than others. We all have our challenges to overcome and for a lot of us- life is not a straight path without bumps on the road- sometimes mountains! Of course, all of our challenges are relative and it’s never a good idea to compare too much with what someone else is going through. You are you- and you are dealing with your life. There is no right or wrong about that! I am more and more drawn into Yoga, meditation and mindset and everything else that come along with that. I’ve just however started my discovery and have a long, long way to go. This week has been tough (unwell) with a lot of different things going on. And sometimes to hear/ read that it’s a lot to do with your attitude… well it’s easier said than done! But every day is a new day and a new beginning. It’s truly never ever too late to start (again), whether it’s what you eat, drink, exercise, study, work, family and so on. I think it’s about never giving up, fail along the way and try and try again. I’m glad I’m very stubborn!

    Today is Friday, again. I love Fridays but since starting this blog it’s also a bit scary how many times I’ve written that now: Friday… life truly moves on- no matter what. Another day turns into night and so on. That’s why it’s so important to enjoy every single moment of every day. Life truly is precious so make the most of it!!!

    Have the most amazing of Fridays and enjoy every minute of it!!!

    And something for someone if you (like me…) are struggling with a cold or other illness that’s typical for this time of year; a gentle yoga session with Adriene:

    Yoga when you are Sick

    A gentle restorative session- just don’t over do it and listen to your body! I truly recommend!

    Water facts and challenge update

    How is this challenge going? Have you managed to make any conscious switches yet? I have to admit that I’ve been drinking water a lot more. Every morning, I start with a big glass of water. This is followed by my usual cup of Nespresso. I can’t stop thinking about what a privilege it is though to be able to just switch on the tap and drink fresh, clean, cold water. It’s an easy thing to just take for granted. When you read Water Org that today, there are 844M people in the world that live without access to safe water. It puts- at least my problems- truly in perspective. Growing up in Sweden, water was always accessible. And in my hometown the water directly from the tap tastes delicious.

    Did you know:

    * That the cycle that water is circulated throughout earth and the atmosphere is called hydrologic cycle

    * That Denmark has better tap water than bottled in many places. Water Facts

    * That Ethiopia is the country most prone to droughts

    * That the drought in California 2011-2014 was the driest since the record keeping began

    * That according to Wikipedia, around 200 billion bottles of water are consumed every year

    * That Evian water is sold in more than 140 countries and is aiming to make all their bottles by recycled plastic by 2025 (part of me wish this was earlier!)

    Water is so special- and nothing that we should take for granted. I recommend that you fully appreciate water in its simplicity. Our world is truly a remarkable place when you think about it!