Thursday in Denmark- Day 4!

So… I will not update you guys everyday on the developments here… we are just simply in a new paradigm! It’s so important to focus on what makes us feel good at the moment. Today we’ve been blessed with another sunny day. It really helps when the sun is out! I also took my daughter outside on a bike ride in the middle of the day. She gets restless if we stay inside too much. So keep focusing on the positive! There is and will be more light. Hopefully we will all learn to be more modest, grateful and humble to one another once things calm down more. Use this time well. I understand we all have different circumstances. I’m trying to stay calm, fully allow myself to feel strange but to quickly snap out of it, enjoy where we live, just randomly go outside with my daughter and cycle around like a crazy person, cook more at home- but also help out our near takeaway food places! We will bake a cake as well later on to use our overripe bananas. So… I so recommend you do what makes you feel good: go outside for fresh air if you can, enjoy friends & family if you live together now, sign up to online classes, exercise, don’t spend too much time following the news… it can be draining. Also stay in touch remotely to people further away. Most of all- stay calm and be well!

A new generation experiencing a paradigm shift

Wednesday in Denmark- Day 3!

So… the day started with a nice cup of nespresso. Wonderful! I am also subscribing to Goodiebox . Such a nice thing to wake up to! A little bit of personal “superficial feel good”… I recommend if you have something similar where you are. I also see it as an opportunity to keep some wheels in motion though it’s probably a drop in the ocean! Some normality as well… have a great day. Use the time you would commute or other to do good things!

Photo from using pic collage

Tuesday in Denmark- Day 2!

Day 2 of our new normal! Yesterday I had a bad day- just like that. And I think I am entitled to have… a bad day! We all are…

Today is a new day though! One day at a time. The morning started with a nice cup of coffee ☕️. Then in the middle of working and helping with school work, I noticed that my daughter had a lot of energy. So we grabbed our bikes and went around were we live- of course avoiding people. Here it is still ok to go outside, for now. I’m looking forward to the normal normal being back! Never ever to take things for granted. For now, make the best of the situation. Work, cook exciting food, drink lots of water, go out safely if you can, find cool courses online, find museums that offer viewings online etc. And… take a break and breath and stay positive!!! I so… recommend.

Outside finding some spring flowers

A Monday in Denmark- Day 1!

So officially schools etc is shut today. The first day in a way in, what is now, our “new” reality.

Sticking to routines, having our morning coffees and preparing for the day ahead. Home work and work from home. I really think everyone is trying to do what is best- then we might all define “everyone”, “all” and “what is best” differently!

We follow the news, just like a lot of people. What I think is important is to stay positive, to help others (however you feel comfortable), set up calls to friends and relatives. We are having a virtual “cheers” on Friday with some friends in the U.K. Odd and strange times but still keep planning ahead and use this time at home well. Also if you can, and are allowed, depending on what you are being told, step outside for brisk walks! And then… sometimes just switch of the news, wrap up in a blanket, eat something nice and watch a good movie, read a book or play a board game with your near and loved ones! This too… shall pass 🙏

Stay safe, stay sane and keep calm and positive!!! I so… recommend…

A winter day in my home town in Sweden

Sunday recommendation!

I do recommend to stick to some sort of routine.

* If you can, are allowed and feel comfortable, go outside for powerwalks! A brisk walk outside is miracle for mental health. Of course keep distance…

* Sign up to YouTube classes for exercise

* learn another language

* watch Oscar nominated movies

* improve your blog. Sign up to blogging classes

* cook something different tonight

* bake something

And look forward. Yes one day at a time right now but hopefully in a few weeks or months… we will be back to a new normal. Look for the positive things. I will plan for a nice party for my friends with nibbles and drinks… and to find ways where I can help and boost things in our society!

Keep and stay well and exercise- if nothing else to remain sane!!! I so… recommend ❤️

Find the fun in the small things- crack ice in a little puddle 🥰🙏