Focus, vision, goal and affirmation!

Focus is on enjoying life… add more laughter!!! As I’ve stated I’m under pressure right now, and what best medicine to that is to have a good laugh? Also to remember that this phase too shall pass. So focus right now is on laughing!!! Visualise a warm and happy home full of nice family and friends. Tons of snow outside and good food. Goal is to get through these last few weeks… then… to rest! My affirmation right now is:

” dream big, work hard, stay focused and surround myself with good people!!!”

Challenges are there… to be overcome! Countdown starts… I so… recommend…!

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Walking in the rain

Right now life is a bit pressurised in some areas. When you find yourself in this situation, do you accept it or do you chose to take back control? There are many simple ways of managing pressure or I guess you could call it stress too. Something I really recommend is just to go outside for a brisk walk. That’s just what I did today. It’s windy, it rains but it’s not too cold yet. It felt really great whilst being outside and to let my mind wander. No rush to go anywhere and very refreshing afterwards. Wellness is so important- to look after yourself inside and out! So if you like me, find yourself overwhelmed due to many legitimate reasons… just put on some comfortable shoes and dress appropriately, and let your feet just take you places in a brisk refreshing walk! I so… recommend…!

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Rudeness- it’s just not nice…

I think we’ve all been there- maybe even on both sides? Have you ever been rude to someone? Or have you maybe even been on the receiving end of rudeness? It’s just not nice, is it? I’ve been in situations when people have been rude to me on different occasions. A lot of times in the workplace. How do you handle that? I do tend to take it personally but really, it does say something more about the other person who is being rude to you than about you. Some advice on how to handle these type of situations are to:

  • Take deep breathes when it’s happening
  • Do not take it personally at all- really. You might feel attacked and scrutinised but really, don’t. It is easier said than done though- trust me on that. But you will feel so much better understanding this kind of behaviour really is not about you at all- it’s about the other person
  • Maybe find out why this person is rude, maybe they’ve had a bad day, is under pressure or just not feeling well
  • Be objective- keep it at distance
  • Don’t think about it for long- at all! Leave it where it is (unless of course it’s on the border of abusiveness of course) but otherwise, stop giving it attention
  • Maybe even reach out to the person to find a middle way?
  • Some people are just rude- accept that- it’s part of their character. Not a nice trait by any mean but you can change the way you behave towards such a person- and again do not take it personal!

I think personally it’s so important to find middle ways, compromise, to be polite and honest. It is difficult to accept rudeness- so my advice as well is to think two times before you are the person being rude to someone- it really can spoil someone’s day… so go out there, be nice and open minded! I so… recommend! Have a great day!

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Early wake up to manage stress?

There are many articles, stories and interviews about the advantages of waking up early in the morning. Famous people, athletes and CEOs waking up at 3-4am every morning. Is that really productive- healthy even? I came across this article from the BBC where various people claim to get up as early as 2:45am to work out?! To me, that sounds a little bit extreme. But I also agree that not everything suits everyone. Early rising really isn’t for everyone. Especially not if that makes you tired throughout the day and to manage an early start you need to be in bed by 19-20:00. What I have realised though is that adjusting your wake up time by 30 minutes- it can really de-stress your life. Instead of rushing around raising your voice to your partner, child or pet- it will actually give you time to get yourself ready and enjoy that cup of tea or coffee before the rest of the house wakes up. That is something I can really recommend! The waking up at 3/4am I will for now leave to others who truly benefit and can manage that!

Have a great day ahead!!!

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