Focus, vision, goal and affirmation!

Focus is on balance. To find and to keep it. In all that we do. A middle way… see yourself calm and with a smile on your face. Smiling can actually make you feel happier. Try it? Just for a day. I so… recommend. Goal right now is to start and complete. “Start and complete” this has been the mantra for me this week. To achieve satisfaction with what you do- anything really- do try that as well. Life… moves on… time… moves on… no matter what. Even in this, quite frankly, strange world of ours…

Another walk along our waterfront side in Denmark… serene watching the boats

Focus, vision, goal and affirmation!

Focus on sticking to a routine this week. To get up slightly earlier. A bit more on health. Take those vitamins if you can and eat those extra vegetables if you can! Focus on you- short and simple!

Visualise yourself feeling healthier and more energetic. Have this good warm feeling in your gut! Just do it- complete things and feel good about it! Enjoy, enjoy life. Every minute. It is so fragile… goal is simply to get things done. Tell yourself

“I’m radiating self- love and abundance”…

I know the world is upside down right now! Truly… but we can try some hints of normality in life. We so will go back to a new normal. Prepare for that. Live for the small things: routine, feel good factor, positive- just… sense it truly from within your gut!!! We will be there- in the new world. Stay away from negativity this week. Maybe less news inflow???

Have an awesome week- you deserve it- we deserve it!!!

Thunderstorm coming in over my hometown…

Focus, vision, goal and affirmation!

This weeks’ focus is on communication. To communicate. It is such an easy word but can be so complex. To keep it short- focus is on communicating and to do it well. To be direct but in a balanced way. It can be so hard at times right? So see and visualise yourself talking but to carefully chose your words at times… goal is to also have the courage to be honest.

“Be careful with your words as they cannot be taken back”

I think it is important to say what’s on your mind, but to make sure they make sense before you actually say them…

Practice that this week! I so… recommend… have a great week!

A walk nearby sometime ago…

Tuesday writing instead!

So last week a true rollercoaster here. One thing I didn’t do as much- workout! So I can truly testify to how your mind loves, LOVES a good workout. Trust me, your whole outlook will change! I really recommend Full body by Amy. 24 minutes great session- I’d say for everyone actually. So… keep your focus, keep moving and we will reach the light! Have an awesome Tuesday!!!

Photo from Amy YouTube!

Saturday fitness inspiration!

I’m a fan of easy workouts. By that I mean it shouldn’t feel too much of a chore doing the workout or require much equipment. If you’re like me- take a look at Body Fit by Amy. I’ve just discovered her but really like it. You can select the type and the length. And you do not need much equipment or space! Take a look! I so… recommend!

Photo from TV playing this via YouTube