Plan for spring and summer!

Spring and summer is approaching. You would not thinks so considering the weather we have here today: rain, gusts and more gusts. What better way of lighten up your mood than to start planning for spring and summer! I’d love for these shoes from Birkenstock and Flip Flop to move in my wardrobe: practical and sensible! I recommend.

Focus, vision, goal and affirmation!

What is your focus for this week? What would you like to achieve?

Mine will simply be: don’t give up. We all have ups and downs; at home, work, with family and friends- all of us. Keep doing what you’re doing and don’t get distracted by negativity and all the noise around. Look forward.

Vision: to be relaxed this Friday! To look back on this week and to sense proudness. Sometimes we are our hardest judges. My vision is to be and feel… relaxed and proud!

Goal: to succeed. Whatever I take on this week will be successful, good and make a difference!

Affirmation: I can- again very simple and powerful- I can… repeat this to yourself when feeling challenged this week!

I certainly will! Have the most amazing of weeks! We can do this! I recommend!!!

Friday inspiration!!!

Have you ever been in a situation where you’ve just decided to conquer your fears? I’m at such a cross road. To one extent, that’s what my life’s been like a lot. Moving countries, switching careers- more or less regularly changing from stability into the unknown. Now I’ve done it again. Last year, I was asked to talk in front of a big audience. At the time I was really not comfortable as I was so new to everything: country, organisation, the project- well everything. So when the opportunity arrived again, I decided to accept the challenge. I used to be great at public presentations and speaking. Not so right now. I think it’s just something that is mentally stuck in my head that I need to carefully chose my words. That’s really not true. Next week, I’m presenting for 40-50 people and I feel ok about it. At times yes I ask myself what on earth- and why?!?!?!? Did I decide to accept this challenge. I’m trying to visualise calmness and success in my head. I’m determined to do a good job and to think that when I hear and see someone talking- of course I always want the person to do well. Have you ever done something and accepted a challenge that you knowingly don’t like- even fear???

Friday inspiration!!! I recommend…

Focus, vision, goal and affirmation

Monday is here and we prepare yet for another week! If you’ve been reading here, you know how I love Fridays!

Mondays are also a very important day of the week. A chance to start over, recalibrate and to set focus on how you want your week to be.

My mantra for this week will be:

“Attract what you expect”. I believe that you control so much. There are so many things that we can see- and things that we can’t… say this phrase out loud when things are tough this week!!!

This week’s affirmation:

“Believe in yourself”. If you don’t… who will? It all starts… with you- nobody else can make things happen- only you.

This week’s goal:

This week’s goal is to reset and refocus some. January and February can be challenging months. Reset and refocus, continue with yoga, meditation and what makes you feel good. Set aside 30 minutes every day just for you. Breath. If something upsets you, think to yourself it matters in 6 months time? If it doesn’t, is it worth worrying about?


What are your dreams? A strong one for me this week is happiness. Put aside and stop spending too much on what worries you and focus on being happy. Genuinely happy. It is usually the small things. Days are getting longer, health seems to be back- holidays are within reach. Be happy for the small things in life!!!


What do you see in front of you this week? I see success, determination and to properly commit to start jogging now. I visualise myself confident, convincing and to actually put those trainers on, to breath cool air, headphones on with energetic music on and to just start. That is what can sometimes can be a hinder. To not start.

I really recommend and hope we all have the most awesome of weeks!!! You know it makes absolutely perfect sense!!!

Abundance- set your goals high!

Set your goals high! Work hard and be determined. There are always so many buzz words out there: work smarter is also one of them. I’ve come across so many and one I quite like is abundance. What does this mean? According to the dictionary of Cambridge it’s:

“the situation in which there is more than enough of something”

I really like this word. You can apply it to many areas of your life: health, finance, career, family, exercise, blogging.

Think it- feel it!!! I truly recommend! Just go and do it! I truly recommend!

Friday motivation! Don’t give up…

Another Friday. Life moves on no matter what. Days turn into nights and then yet again we have another morning in front of us! I really like Fridays. Opportunities to look back and ahead at the same time. Evaluate- reevaluate. I did read some great inspirational posts from another blogger the other day. She shared how she used to be a photographer but is now focusing more and more on her blog.

“You become what you do”.

That is so true. It’s so easy to set limits in our lives- I can’t do this… but why? See limits and obstacles as challenges and goals to overcome and reach instead! You can do most things you aim for! I really truly recommend! Have a splendid Friday!!!

Amazing Tapas in London! TapaVino.

There are many good restaurants in London. It amazes how many new ones that opens up regularly. What’s great is that you can find a cuisine for every flavour of the world and in many different price ranges as well. You can book for a small group, a large group and of course visit by yourself! Having lived in Spain for a while one of my favourite cuisines is Spanish. I love the warmth, the flavours, the fresh ingredients. I also enjoy how they eat. Usually late in the evening. At first, that was a bit different to get used to but it makes perfect sense. Later in the evening it’s cooler and your appetite returns.

I would really recommend visits to this place if you ever visit London!


Many great dishes to sample and a great way of eating by sharing (if you want!) and followed by some nice wines, a very cold beer or simply water! I really truly recommend!