Friday inspiration!

Life sometimes is not easy… 2020 was going to be a great year, but so far it has not been good on many levels… the gratitude continues and also the realisation of switching from negative to positive thoughts. It helps… we create energy and it’s far easier to face challenges with a “can do” attitude… not at all easy all the time, not at all… but you can and do make a difference- don’t forget that… to family, friends and colleagues- always!!! Start smiling today- I so… recommend!!!

Have an amazing Friday!!!

Focus, vision, goal and affirmation!

There are many posts and articles about resolutions when we enter a new year. Also probably about this time… is when most of us give them up- right around the 13th of January. That’s why I prefer to set attainable weekly goals without pushing or adding additional stress to life as it is.

This week the focus will be on easing in gently into things and to be nicer to myself. To think more happy thoughts and focus on the positive things in life. It’s as much of an effort as letting your thoughts think of what has gone wrong, why didn’t that work out and so on. We all… have a choice in how to direct our thoughts and this week I will actively go to the positive side of things!!!

Vision is blue and white colours and seeing myself sitting on the floor taking deep breathes. Truly from within to breath out the darker negative thoughts and breath in the positive ones.

Goal is to use the App Three Good Things every day and to train the brain to get energy from this. Your brain and your thoughts are such powerful tools and you are the master here!!!

The mantra is below… tell yourself this all week and truly believe it… I so… recommend! Have an amazing week!!!

Welcome 2020! New beginnings…

Welcome 2020! This is going to be an amazing year! Full of focus on health and to feel… great!!!

I’ve signed up to my favourite yoga teacher Adriene and will join the 30 day yoga challenge. I find her incredibly inspiring, open and welcoming. So if you are up for a great start to 2020- please do also join in! Let’s make 2020 a spectacular year full of health, good events, family time and quality time with friends! And most importantly… to focus on YOU and to make YOU feel awesome!!! I so… recommend…

Photo: Adriene yoga video