Focus, vision, goal and affirmation!

Focus this week is to face the difficulties. To some extent we all have our own battles, struggle with various things in our daily life- the solution might be to just not quit- don’t give up but try- and try again!

It’s so important as well to realise your own power- in terms of vision- you are what you manifest! Believe in yourself!

There are so many goals to achieve?! This week think big, trust in you and make what you want to achieve happen. Why not? What’s stopping you?

I like this quote that I’ve come across:

  • What you think, you become
  • What you feel, you attract
  • What you imagine, you create

A quote I believe originated from Buddha.

I do recommend! Go and have a great, great week!

Friday inspiration!!!

Friday is here. A great day (as are the other six days as well). Do you ever feel and realise that your thoughts actually correspond to your reality. Your thoughts equal you. Your mind is a powerful tool. It is who you are and it reflects your reality. And you are the owner of this tool- you. No one else. Try and start each day with a positive thought. I’ve mentioned it before- I really recommend the App “3 good things”. Quick and powerful and a great way to start your day! Do something just for you. To set the direction- so you remember how powerful you are! You… are in charge! I so recommend! Have an amazing Friday!!!

Focus, vision, goal and affirmation!

Tuesday evening here already? Warm spring days now look to be overtaken by slightly colder weather. Let’s hope that’s not summer over for this time?!

Focus is to start and complete- to be methodological- multi tasking is a skill but perhaps it’s better for you to focus on singularity?

Vision is floating in water fully relaxed, taking deep breathes- not hearing much as water submerges the ears slightly. It’s warm and pleasant and it instils a calmness. Can you picture yourselves this?

Goal is to continue, remain confident, listen to your inner voice- you are right- you know it. Gain strength.

Mantra to be with those who bring out the best in you not the stress in you! We can do this. I truly recommend! Have a great rest of week!

Focus, vision, goal and affirmation!

A beautiful morning in Copenhagen where the leaves are getting greener and greener. The sky is very blue and we have a very yellow sky as well. Life can be amazing.

Focus is to bring back determination and to succeed at what life throws at you. Life truly is a rollercoaster.

Vision is to reach that goal that is leading to stability. Just picture it and know you’ll get there!

Affirmation: I am powerful.

Have a good week!

Beach motivation!!!

I love to write about recommendations mostly to inspire to overcome and instil belief in you and what you do. I also have to admit that I enjoy browsing for clothes, interior decor, a lot of “how to”, food recipes, sports, exercise, books and many many more things. Life is fragile- as I’m sure we all see every day 🙏🏻. The world is at times just cruel. That’s why I also want to mix my writing with superficial things- to add a bit of “feel good” factor to it. At the same time, the world is not as a nice place as I’d like it to be… 😕 so to add to contrasts, I did prepare a collage of nice summery outfits with tanned slippers as a core that would match with so many things. They are from a Swedish brand actually called Flattered. I’ve never bought anything from there yet but seeing these make me slightly tempted.

White, blue and tanned colours are great summer staple colours I think! I do recommend. Go on- go out there- have a great day! I do… recommend.