Near businesses lost…

Near years worth of work, blood, sweat and tears in the unknown

Near relationships being on the brink of failing…

Near not seeing many family members nor friends…

Near loved ones falling ill…

Near a loved one waiting to catch their final breath…

All I can say is rise like a Phoenix … 2020… the year with decades of events in its cradle…the light is there- along the way we are building resiliency.

Take care!

A walk along the beautiful coastal landscape in Denmark

Friday inspiration!

Yet again we have arrived at another Friday. Sun is shining here and it’s cold. What a year 2020 has proven to be. Eventful to say the least. To keep the spirit up through trying times focus is on routines, eat well and exercise. Also try to laugh. Even to just smile helps… it does. Live every moment. Don’t hold on to anger. See the positive instead. It’s just not worth it. And “don’t look back, we are not going that way”. Leave the past- let it be… have a great day and take care 🙏😌

Palm trees many years ago

Focus, vision, goal and affirmation!

Focus is on the months ahead. Prepare yourselves for short sprints but also for a long marathon. Look forward. Create better versions of yourselves in every aspect of your lives; health, empathy, caring, intellectually- read books, be inquisitive, help where you can help. Don’t forget that you do and can do such a big difference for you, your family, other relatives, your friends, your city, community and so on. We all count!!!

See yourself strong! I so recommend. Go out there and be the person who makes a difference…

The horizon…a new day to come!

Focus, vision, goal and affirmation!

Focus… on looking forward but also to enjoy every moment. Try and create magic… in the small things. Use lights, candles… create light where you can. This time right now will be part of history. Our history. Just decide to push through: together. Embrace.

“The beauty of light owes its existence to the dark”

Brene Brown

There are always shifts in life and in the world. We will get through this.

Home made vampire pumpkin just because…

Focus, vision, goal and affirmation!

Focus on staying strong and focus on what you’ve set up as targets just for you. Be it training, to eat well, read more books etc. Do it. I think we sometimes spend too much about the thinking and less on the doing?! 5-10 minutes of activity is better than sitting still in the sofa, reading a few pages and just to start is better than letting your books collect dust in the bookshelf. To eat well 60% is better than to just eat unhealthy food… I think at times the biggest hurdle is to just get started. So this week just do something just for you because it will make you feel so much better. Feel it from within and see and visualise a better you! Remind yourself that “you got this”!!!

Tell yourself many times. Repeat. I so… recommend!

Beautiful sky in Tivoli, Copenhagen