Friday inspiration!

Friday and a beautiful crisp morning here. I really hope that we get snow in time for Christmas. I just wanted to say that I have truly experienced the power of positivity these last few months. What a positive mindset can achieve. To ignore and close out the nay sayers. Impossible things can be made possible if you believe they can… truly. I so recommend!!!

Have the most amazing of Fridays!!!

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A new start!

Soon it’s 2020… what a year 2019 has been!

To me, every day is an opportunity to start afresh… though I see a new year as a good time to think about what you want to achieve next. I do notice that when you write down goals and aspirations they are easier to achieve. Maybe because you focus and visualise more… something I do recommend! Have an amazing week!!!

Focus, vision, goal and affirmation!

This weeks’ focus is on Mindfulness. To stop… look around and to realise what truly matters in life. Recently I have been too focused on my career side. It has consumed me. I am lucky because most of the time, I love what I do but I really need to learn to switch of from it and focus on other parts of my life. I really need to give more focus to family, friends and my hobbies. 2020 will be more balanced! I already visualise my life with more balance and to ensure that everything and everyone gets more of my attention. Not just one area of my life…! That is my goal as well… balance… and to say “no” more…

I came across a good affirmation that reflects my life these last months:

” not all storms come to disrupt your life, some come to clear your path”… it’s so true…

I so recommend to sometimes stop, ask yourself what are you doing- why are you doing it? To truly not forget what is important for you, in your life…!

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Another challenge? Mindfulness in focus

Mindfulness, what is that? Is it what the word states? To be mindful? To me, it is a rather new word in that sense that it is becoming more and more popular and in focus. We do live in a very opposite world with rather strange focus sometimes. Of course this can and is down to your life and focus as well. Am I making any sense here? For example, on the one hand we can now be connected to work, family and friends 24/7- on the other hand we talk more and more about stress? How do we manage that- how do you manage that? I’m guilty of not being able to switch of so easily. But I really think it is more and more important for your health- in particular for your mind. How do you stop your mind from being so active? As with other parts of your body, you really need to let your mind rest. It’s very important. Your mind is what defines you and so much more.

Benefits of mindfulness I can’t help but think it’s a bit ironic to have to practice your brain, you, to focus on the present. I admit it’s a challenge for me. There are so many benefits to it though from improving your health, reducing stress, improve sleep and most of all… to feel good and to be you. In this article you’ll also find some good exercises to practice: a lot of focus on your breathing and also to learn how to accept and not to judge. Just to observe. This week, for me, for my health and for my benefit I will give mindfulness focus in my life. I will try this Mindfulness App if it is any good and give you a review of it at the end of this week. Will you join me? In discovering, or if you already practice or live this way, to share the benefits of this here? Life can be very black and white sometimes but it’s also filled with so much in between. A philosophical post from me, but it is so important to enjoy what we have here and now and… to look after yourself! I so… recommend!

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