7 Day Challenges: to make someone feel amazing!!!

I am lucky and have many real good friends and I think that they would say I am a nice person good at motivating people. As I’ve stated before- I have not- nor claim to yet be- a person who sees life the way it is- amazing. I know it’s about being positive! Here in my blog I truly want to create a good feeling where you can share- and when you leave, you leave feeling inspired!!! In August, I will pick up on my challenges and I already know what the first one will be. You will not need much for it at all. You might need to set aside 15-20 minutes a day and I promise that what you will do, will make someone near and dear to you feel amazing- and make them realise that you’ve spent time on them. Because to some extent, what in today’s life, can be worth more than spending time on making someone you cherish feel great?! And it will not cost you a lot- a few dollars/ pounds/ euros at the most. I really hope that you will join me in this first, of many, great 7-day challenges!!!

Travelling- how do you pack? Expert or Novice?

We travel quite a lot but I have to be honest and admit that I am definitely not the best packer. I admire people who travel effortlessly with a set pre-planned outfit for every occasion. It has made me think as I usually overpack by 50%.

What to do about this? Going forward, I will make a better effort and:

* Invest in packing cubes, proper large bags for shampoo, creams and make up.

* Ensure I do my research and buy the good quality clothing for wherever we are going: beach, skiing, trekking, relaxing or city break

* Do a list (yes!!!) of my outfits: morning, lunch, evening- if they really have to be different.

* Ask myself and make sure that I actually pack what I will use.

Are you with me? What are your best packing advice???

Travelling- Corfu and the islands

I am a lucky person to get these opportunities to see so many different parts of the world. We do have a very beautiful one. The water in the Italian lakes were of an emerald green shimmering one. The water right now in front of my feet is more of a turquoise colour with hints of darker blue in places were it is a bit deeper. The sand is warm and goes out for several hundred meters into the sea. A few sailing boats are tilting back and forth on the waves. It’s a bit windy today, but that makes a nice change as it’s been hot lately.

It’s interesting though that it can take a bit of time to relax into a new setting. Life otherwise is busy, so now really is the time to take deep breathes, enjoy the view, company, good food and to savour every moment of every day!

The miracle of mindfulness

I realise that “mindfulness” is a thing and in vogue right now and has been for some time. At times, it might take me a while before I’m convinced something might work. I suppose one of these are… mindfulness. Many of us live busy lives, work, travel, are constantly connected and available. I’ve just finished “The miracles of mindfulness” by Thich Nhat Hanh. There are some excellent quotes in here:

“Mindfulness is the miracle by which we master and restore ourselves”.

“Breath is the bridge which connects life to consciousness, which unites your body to your thoughts”.

I do think that mindfulness is something which is here to stay, or to continue to stay. This as it has been here for ages, just relatively recently given focus to.

This book however, I do recommend.