Another Friday week’s passing too quickly!

My intentions have been to post several blog posts this week. I just have not made the time. Life gets busy sometimes and that’s when it’s important to take a step back and ask yourself: what’s important in life?

Enjoy and appreciate the small things in your life: the ray of sunshine coming through the dirty windows, the spring flowers populating the grass, the different smells revealing spring being here, the tiny dogs roaming around without a leash owners following in their tiny paths… sunshine, day light, smiles, chatter. It is marvellous- really!

So this week my affirmation has been all along:

Say that out loud, take a deep breath and close your eyes… cause you do! I… recommend!

Friday inspiration!

Wow- another Friday. How great is that?!

The weeks go too fast. It’s already close to April and Q2?! Spring is close and almost here. Spring flowers are making their appearance. I have to admit at being extremely bad a recognising and naming flowers and plants. Something to work on perhaps? Have the most amazing of Fridays and sometimes it’s the small daily efforts that can give the biggest rewards! I found this on a Facebook post and liked it a lot and thought it would be worth sharing with you:

I recommend!

Focus, vision, goal and affirmation!

Focus can be one of many things. Right now it’s still to start and to complete what’s been started! Multitasking is a skill but I’m starting to think that it’s more efficient to do one thing at a time! And to see it through to the end.

Vision is to look back this week and having completed a lot of my “to do” things. The goal is to do this AND to maintain the work life balance. Even here in a liberal country such as Denmark, it’s a challenge. Personally I’m so used to just give work 110% all the time. Sometimes family life needs to take precedence. I’m blessed because that is more acceptable here- no doubt about that. 🙏🏻

Affirmation will be to keep “focused and remain calm- throughout”!!!

Another week is in full speed!!!

I really recommend.

Summer must have!

Wind, rain, grey, sleet repeat… days are getting longer though so now preparing for perpetual day light instead! You know that we in the Nordics talk an awful lot about the weather. Do you have any such subjects that are frequent subjects where you’re from or where you are now???

Focus, vision, goal and affirmation!

Monday again! And what a beautiful Monday as well with blue skies and sunshine! Amazing…

So what is focus for this week? To take one thing at a time. Life can be crazy busy at times and that’s when it’s extra important to focus on one thing at a time. Multitasking is a great skill, but I think it’s more and more important in today’s world to actually focus on one thing; from start to end and then to start on the next thing.

Vision: the end of this week to walk around with my daughter and observe the universe followed by a delicious meal consisting of spring rolls and noodles (the healthy ones of course!!!)

Goal: to remind myself to continue with choosing to be healthy. What I stated yesterday- to go back to being nicer to myself with yoga, running, healthier food. For me… nobody else!!!

Affirmation: smile. Just smile. It can actually transform a very bad moment to something much, much better. It happened to me last week actually. Involved in confusing and unstructured conversations- I decided to take a deep breath and steer it back to structure and focus. It worked- and it also made me feel much better!

So… are you with me? Of course you are!!! I so… recommend!!!