To live a healthy life

If you have your health- you are blessed. It’s so easy to forget the things that we have- the things we take for granted: our home, family, our country, the rights we have, what we have access to and so on. I’m aware not everybody have everything I’ve listed either!

Don’t you think sometimes that the difficult things with a new routine is to stick with it?! I love new beginnings and am finding it harder to continue and ensure it becomes a regular occurrence and part of my daily routine. In all honesty, I also find diets and to think about eating well very boring!!! There- I’ve said it! I wish I was that person who loved getting up at 5:30am with running shoes on, pumping cool music in my headphones, returning sweaty with a big smile on my face, preparing porridge or other healthy breakfasts and continued my day, heck week!!!… in that fashion- but right now that’s definitely not the case!

For the last 4-5 weeks I’ve felt a bit lethargic due to illnesses and a busy life. My daily choices when it comes to food or exercise have not been the best. That’s when I think that you need to focus on the healthier side of life though. That’s why I’ve decided to bring back energy in my life. Over the next coming weeks, I will invest in me and in my health by:

    Picking up my daily yoga again
    Start running 2-3 times per week
    Cut down on white sugar
    Stop the sweets, crisps and other not good alternatives
    Cook more at home

Is anyone joining me?!?!?! I really, really recommend!!!

Friday inspiration!

Friday is here and the work week, here at least, is approaching its final stages.

This week has been tough but what has helped me is to visualise success and to remain calm throughout. To ride out the storms…! And also to smile actually though at times that’s the least I’ve felt I’ve wanted to do! I do recommend!

I hope you’ve also had a great week!?

The weekend is soon here 🙏🏻!

Sense of achievement- personal insight

So today was the big day. I made my presentation! I feel an immense sense of relief. It’s behind me. I did it. I know it definitely wasn’t the greatest of speeches. I followed two masters who’ve worked together for a while and are in sync. But the audience was great. I could tell they wanted me to do well and perform- they laughed and looked at me as if what I said was interesting- so a very forgiving audience. This time last year, I declined a presentation such as this. Now… it’s in the past. For next time, I know now how to prepare and to not be so anxious beforehand! I did listen to some great TedTalks and read somewhere that there are people out there who would prefer to get bitten by a spider than to talk in front of an audience. I did it so in that respect I’m proud now over my achievement! I do recommend that you face your fears. If I can… so can you!!! I recommend.

Plan for spring and summer!

Spring and summer is approaching. You would not thinks so considering the weather we have here today: rain, gusts and more gusts. What better way of lighten up your mood than to start planning for spring and summer! I’d love for these shoes from Birkenstock and Flip Flop to move in my wardrobe: practical and sensible! I recommend.

Focus, vision, goal and affirmation!

What is your focus for this week? What would you like to achieve?

Mine will simply be: don’t give up. We all have ups and downs; at home, work, with family and friends- all of us. Keep doing what you’re doing and don’t get distracted by negativity and all the noise around. Look forward.

Vision: to be relaxed this Friday! To look back on this week and to sense proudness. Sometimes we are our hardest judges. My vision is to be and feel… relaxed and proud!

Goal: to succeed. Whatever I take on this week will be successful, good and make a difference!

Affirmation: I can- again very simple and powerful- I can… repeat this to yourself when feeling challenged this week!

I certainly will! Have the most amazing of weeks! We can do this! I recommend!!!

Friday inspiration!!!

Have you ever been in a situation where you’ve just decided to conquer your fears? I’m at such a cross road. To one extent, that’s what my life’s been like a lot. Moving countries, switching careers- more or less regularly changing from stability into the unknown. Now I’ve done it again. Last year, I was asked to talk in front of a big audience. At the time I was really not comfortable as I was so new to everything: country, organisation, the project- well everything. So when the opportunity arrived again, I decided to accept the challenge. I used to be great at public presentations and speaking. Not so right now. I think it’s just something that is mentally stuck in my head that I need to carefully chose my words. That’s really not true. Next week, I’m presenting for 40-50 people and I feel ok about it. At times yes I ask myself what on earth- and why?!?!?!? Did I decide to accept this challenge. I’m trying to visualise calmness and success in my head. I’m determined to do a good job and to think that when I hear and see someone talking- of course I always want the person to do well. Have you ever done something and accepted a challenge that you knowingly don’t like- even fear???

Friday inspiration!!! I recommend…