Friday inspiration!

Today is Friday. It’s a day I’ve always loved. Not because I don’t like the other days of the week. I just love the Friday “feeling”. It doesn’t matter to me if I’ve been working or not. Friday has always been that day where I mentally start to calm down and think about what we are going to eat and do. It will most likely be some charcuteries & nibbles followed by a family movie in our “hygge” sofas.

There are so many people right now that inspire me! Individuals who have this positive can do attitude. I’ve met many of these people recently and it’s incredibly inspiring and best of all- contagious!!! People who just push forward and want to achieve something. I’ve met many of them since my life started here in Copenhagen and also in this blogging community. It really shows me that if you are determined, positive, keep going and have a plan- you can achieve the most amazing things in your life! I do recommend a positive attitude. It does attract other good energy. Just try it! Think a little about where your thoughts go today. Your mind is so much stronger than what you think. Think positive thoughts “I can do this”!!!

Hygge preparing for autumn

Autumn is approaching Copenhagen with the leaves changing colours, rain in the air and a lot cooler. It’s getting darker earlier in the evening, which I actually like. Even though I grew up in Sweden I had actually forgotten what it’s like in the Nordics during the summer months. The day light truly is powerful and lasts way into the small hours and the sun rises very early. Quite amazing but it’s taken some getting used to for me. And we do have blinds installed at home. It’s still quite green and lush. Nature here truly craves the rain after this hot summer that we’ve experienced here. This hot summer will be memorable for a lot of us. “Hygge” is a trendy word here and continues to be. It could be translated into coziness.

This is what is on my wish list to create a little bit more of “hygge”. All from:


A site I can really recommend!

Blogging and getting to know you a little…

Good morning/ afternoon/ evening!

Hope you are all well. I just wanted to do a few very short questions with the hope of getting to know a little bit more about who pops in here? I’ll start with myself.

Where are you located?

Mostly in Copenhagen, Denmark

Fun blogging related story?

A huge movie star direct messaged me on twitter. Of course it was not the real one. For a split second I did actually believe it was him. Only to be told that the blue tick was not in front of his name. (You who are familiar with twitter will know exactly what I mean!)

What do you like reading about?

Inspirational & encouraging stories, lifestyle blogs, right now- all the “how to” blogging (I have found some great sources. I might share in a different post?)

What’s next on your blogging “to do” list for the next quarter?

* Find a great theme and make my blog look amazing

* Start using Mailchimp

* Learn Canvas

* Learn how to Pin properly

* Set up a Facebook profile (professional)

And to continue growing this blog and encourage the dialogues and interactions. I truly love your comments here. That’s one thing that truly motivates me!

If you have some time, I’d love to hear more about you! The comment field is at your service!!! I recommend!

Kaia-Kaipe in Getaria amazing restaurant in northern Spain

A bit further away from San Sebastián is a beautiful town called Getaria. It’s a beautiful coastal town located in the province of Gipuzkoa. It is also famous for its restaurants serving fish! I really recommend a visit here. Just an hour drive from Biarritz. Green and lush just by the sea. Full of amazing restaurants and places where you can just go for some delicious tapas or a full course meal. If you are ever in the area or looking for a long weekend get away- I really recommend!

Pau to visit in South of France

Pau is the capital of Bearn. It’s located in the southwest of France. Pau is an old royal city set between the mountains and the ocean. In the 19th century it was very popular amongst the aristocrats. It’s a beautiful city located in a very green area. I’d love to visit here in the winter as well when you could go skiing in the Pyrénées as it’s only a 45 minutes drive from here. It’s an area I’d really recommend a visit to. Easy to get to from Biarritz, where you can find reasonable flights with different airlines. We used EasyJet. I really recommend!

This weeks challenge- use what you already have

This weeks challenge is going to be focusing on using what you already have. I know personally how easy it is to forget what you already have. Look in your wardrobes, kitchen drawers & cupboards, make- up boxes, boxes in the attic, basement, garage. Do you use what you have? Would/ could you give things away/ sell or bin? Go through what you have and make sure you use it. Do you really need to buy that new coat- maybe you already have one in storage? Do you really need more plates for your kitchen? Perhaps you have some already packed away in boxes somewhere? And who knows, maybe you’ll find that treasured item that you thought you lost years ago?! Come on, let’s do it! You know it makes perfect sense!!!

Weddings; travelling and history from Copenhagen-Berlin-Biarritz to Oloron-Ste-Marie

We are fortunate in that we have friends who live in different places in the world. Sometimes that can mean a lot of travelling and zig- zagging! Luckily I have a husband who is amazing at finding good reasonable flights that fits in perfectly throughout the trip! This trip consists of stops in Berlin, Biarritz and Oloron-St-Marie. We arrived zig- zagging Copenhagen- Berlin- Biarritz then a drive to where we are now! This city is very pretty- and full of history. We walked around and passed green corn fields towards the town square with a beautiful cathedral. We sampled the local food of sausages, oven baked potatoes, tomato stews and salads. Now ahead of us we have a wedding to attend to! How amazing.

And the challenge for this trip was the packing! I can really recommend to follow packing lists. I have never packed so well as this time around- and this trip is a hand luggage trip only! I really recommend using lists for packing. It really does help!