Italy dreaming!

The weather is truly autumn weather. In one day here we have a little bit of snow, rain, sleet, wind, clouds and some sun in between. I love it. I am a big fan of the seasons and am grateful I get to experience this again. I’m amazed of the change in colours; green intertwined with auburn, orange, red, brown, yellow… leaves hanging on to trees to finally be swept away by the wind and ending up in droves on the street. Puddles gathering eventually to dry up when the sun decides to spread its beams in between the layers of the white, grey and blue clouds. The air- very fresh and quite cold. What’s not to love? Of course it can be challenging with the shorter days, but as with most things in life- it’s about making the most of it!

One of my favourite destinations to visit is Italy. It’s a beautiful country that has so much to offer; beautiful landscapes, great food and wine, history, traditions and culture. A dream for me right now is to rent a place somewhere in Italy next year.

Airbnb have you ever booked with Airbnb? I am tempted to book somewhere in Italy with them. In some ways you get more freedom as I see this more as a home away from home. So for now, while the days are getting shorter I’m dreaming of a nice place in Italy with family, friends, great food and drink and of course… with plenty of relax time! I recommend.

Photos courtesy of Airbnb

Blogging history and facts

So most people who read this post are what I’d like to call bloggers. I think it’s actually a pretty cool title. It’s something relatively new. I have to admit that I’m impressed by bloggers such as Scrivs , Pinch of Yum, Martin Lewis, Isabella. These all started out a while ago. I remember starting to follow Pinch of Yum a few years ago but initially on Pinterest. For me, I still like Twitter and Pinterest to work with and to publish what I write. Just like a lot of things, I do believe we live through different cycles. I’m not sure for example that Facebook will continue to be as popular as it was initially- do you? I think there has been a bit too much controversy surrounding them lately. Don’t get me wrong, I like Facebook and use it- mostly to be able to stay in touch with friends and family. Silicon Valley is also an interesting area with many interesting people and organisations. I don’t think there are any equivalent areas such as SV elsewhere- do you? There are so many Applications and tools to use now as a blogger. Part of me wish I had more time to learn about them all! Now… ideally. But to some extent I also enjoy this slower learning curve and that the development of this blog is entirely up to… me… ! I’ve said it before but I truly believe that when it comes to blogging there are no limits to what you can achieve. It all depends on what you want out of it and also what you put into it. It is very fascinating however that we can all share stories in this manner and make a difference, express ourselves, influence, sell and many more things. The first blogger started in 1994 and created a site called I actually believe that this blogging phenomenon is here to stay and so are we bloggers.

Christmas items in IKEA

As I wrote the other day; Swedish Christmas traditions there are a lot of items that you can find in IKEA to brighten up your home in December. I am a big fan of this shop. Yes, I’m Swedish but I’ve also worked here- in the shop and for the bank as well. I also like the fact that it exists in other countries in the world as it is a little bit of stepping in, in Sweden when you enter them. I am aware that some people do not like IKEA at all, it is busy (specially at the weekends!), you have to walk around a lot trying to find the items you want to purchase and then spend hours putting the items together. And sometimes perhaps not all the screws and other parts are included in the furniture parcel. But… I still love it! These items might very well move into our home in a couple of weeks time:

It really brightens and warms up any home. And the items are not too costly either. I truly recommend!

Perfect Monday morning start!

This morning started off with an amazing yoga session with Adriene. I decided to go on my mat and spend 15 minutes on me.

Sunrise Yoga– what better way than to stretch and rejuvenate your nervous system?! Prior to that, I quickly prepared a healthy banana cake for my daughter that cooked in the oven whilst I did my yoga session. This was then followed by my usually cup of Nespresso- vanilla flavoured this time- and also by a very large glass of water. I actually prefer my water rooms tempered. We are blessed that live in countries where we can simply turn on a tap and get fresh, healthy water to drink. That’s one item that will be on my gratitude list today!

To a great start this week, to an amazing rest of the week! I recommend starting with a yoga session and to continue drinking water. And of course, to decide and truly believe that this week will be absolutely awesome! I recommend.

This week’s challenge- switch to water!

Water- it’s actually a true commodity. Personally I believe it’s something that will become tradable soon- a bit like oil. But this post is not about futures 😊.

This week’s challenge, I urge you to switch most- if not all your drinks- to water. All but tea and coffee actually as that might be a little bit too hard.

Instead of drinking juices, smoothies, fizzy drinks, sodas, beer, wine (any alcohol) replace these with a glass (or more!) of water instead! Water is a lovely underestimated drink. Perhaps to jazz it up a little, add slices of lemon, oranges, lime or cucumber to the water to give it that little bit more flavour. Also, try to ensure that you drink enough water. There are different theories out there on how much you should drink; 6-8 glasses? Maybe add a little bit more if you can? It’s after all, all about that balance. Come on and join me in this water quest. How difficult can it be to do this for a week? I truly recommend!

Swedish Christmas traditions to brighten up December

In December, there are a myriad of events that take place in Sweden. (I am sure, similar things happen here in Denmark that I will get to experience.) Sweden is a country where it does really get dark in the evenings! I recall going to school and leaving home at 7:30am- pitch black. And going back home around 15:00- guess what… pitch black! I think that’s partly why Christmas and all these events are important- it simply takes you through a very dark time of year. To me it’s really a mix of many cultures and historical events throughout most of December. It starts with Advent; in almost every window in Sweden will you find an “Adventsljustake”. This is something that you can now also find in: IKEA in particular in the Nordic countries there is now a section especially for Christmas where you can find these chandeliers, candles, wrapping papers, stars and other decorative items. A lot of focus is on items that literally brighten up your home. Every Sunday starting 4 from Christmas Eve, you are supposed to light a candle. When I was little, we used to add moss and cones in a candle holder as well (not sure I can recommend it now due to fire hazard etc!!!). Then from the 1 to 24 December, kids open up an “Advents Calendar”. Usually, every day there is a little piece of chocolate in here. Some people create their own calendars. I have fond memories of creating ones for my brother using match boxes and adding small items in these. In Sweden since the 1960s, an annual TV series is also aired every day in December, culminating on the 24. It is mostly for children, but I’m sure the occasional adult also watches these from time to time. My favourite one is this one: Trolltider I think it aired additional years as well as it was so popular!

Then there are these traditional Julbord that starts end of November. It’s a traditional Swedish Christmas buffet full of Swedish delicacies such as pickled herring, gravad lax, pate, ham, different types of bread, knäckebröd, meatballs with beetroot salad, eggs, caviar and much more. In some parts of Sweden they also eat Lutfisk and Dopp i grytan. Two things I have to admit I myself have never tried. If you read about it, maybe you’ll understand why 😊. Some people however love it of course and it’s a tradition so important that it’s part of the Julbord! Other items to bake and eat are Saffron buns and Gingersnaps. In some houses you’ll also see the famous Gingerbread house. This is so much fun to do! You can buy the parts already baked and put them together using sugar and then decorate the house with frosting, smarties, marshmallows etc. let your imagination go wild! Kids love it (me too as I’m sure you can tell!). Famous drinks are glögg and julmust. Glögg you warm upp and drink in small cups and add blanched almonds and raisins to. Julmust is like a mix of root beer and cocoa cola.

On 13 December, we also celebrate Lucia. Girls and boys dress up in long white gowns. Sometimes you can also see small Santa’s in the train of people. In front, you always see a girl walking with lights in her hair. It’s beautiful to watch- in real life but it’s also always aired on tv. If you get the chance, I recommend watching this while savouring some Lussebullar and gingersnaps! You’ll get to hear some beautiful songs as well and see something that truly brightens up the dark winter.

Then of course you do Christmas shopping, arrange gifts, some people might do stockings and so on. The big day is actually on the 24. This is when a lot of food is eaten, gifts unwrapped, drinks savoured, tv watched at 15:00 and time spent with family and friends! If you’re ever in the Nordics in December, I recommend you try some of the things I’ve mentioned here. Perhaps you’re more adventurous than me and can tell me what Lutfisk and dopp i grytan taste like! I truly recommend!

Another amazing Friday!

We are all responsible for our own happiness. We are the driver of our lives. You create your sunshine. Sometimes maybe you need to be there for a family member, friend or a colleague to help through tough times. Life is a roller coaster and most of the time spectacular and always a gift. Cherish it! I truly recommend. Have a very happy Friday and spread the sunshine today!