Italy dreaming!

The weather is truly autumn weather. In one day here we have a little bit of snow, rain, sleet, wind, clouds and some sun in between. I love it. I am a big fan of the seasons and am grateful I get to experience this again. I’m amazed of the change in colours; green intertwined with auburn, orange, red, brown, yellow… leaves hanging on to trees to finally be swept away by the wind and ending up in droves on the street. Puddles gathering eventually to dry up when the sun decides to spread its beams in between the layers of the white, grey and blue clouds. The air- very fresh and quite cold. What’s not to love? Of course it can be challenging with the shorter days, but as with most things in life- it’s about making the most of it!

One of my favourite destinations to visit is Italy. It’s a beautiful country that has so much to offer; beautiful landscapes, great food and wine, history, traditions and culture. A dream for me right now is to rent a place somewhere in Italy next year.

Airbnb have you ever booked with Airbnb? I am tempted to book somewhere in Italy with them. In some ways you get more freedom as I see this more as a home away from home. So for now, while the days are getting shorter I’m dreaming of a nice place in Italy with family, friends, great food and drink and of course… with plenty of relax time! I recommend.

Photos courtesy of Airbnb

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