There have not been many days where I have not written since I started here. I really enjoy writing and the liking and the feedback! I have to admit that I have not had the chance (or taken the time…) to complete the last two sessions of the Yoga Challenge. I’ve had to focus- or been wanting to focus- on my family, birthdays and parties instead. We’ve had a fantastic weekend! But I still wanted to check in here and make sure you’ve also had a great weekend. Different people get energy from different things. I’d say I’m an intro-social extrovert. I love socialising but I also enjoy my own company. This weekend has been full of socialising, kids, eating, partying and spending time with loved ones. A true “Hygge” weekend so I’m very happy and feel so blessed.

Tomorrow is a new start again so I will complete the Yoga challenge tomorrow and Tuesday! Let’s get ready for a new amazing start!!!

(As opposed to write that I’ve completed it when in real life… I haven’t… 🙏🏻😌)

Maybe someone in here has beaten me to it?!

Day 5 Yoga with Adriene

You really have to do this one session. If you haven’t done any of them yet- just please give this one a go. It’s 11 minutes long. It’s a perfect way to end a very hectic week! Adriene’s voice is very soothing and this session is about breathing and- self love.


Just give yourself 11 minutes today! You will not regret it. I really truly recommend. Namaste 🙏🏻!

Role models today- do you have one?

I think it’s very important to have and to be surrounded by people you admire. I’ve never really had “famous” people that I’ve been impressed by or looked up to as role models. Have you?

Quite recently, I’d say I was more of a oh- the glass is “half- empty” as opposed to “half-full”. Earlier this year, I had a tough time moving, new job, settling in, commuting and so on. Let’s just say I was not in a good place! Then I decided to invest in myself so I actually contacted a career coach. I’d say she’s more of a life coach actually as she’s providing so many good tips and advice and teaching me to think slightly differently. It’s truly been great for me! I’ve had books recommended, Apps to use and a lot of sentences just got stuck in my mind. Sentences such as “flip the switch”, “is it really true” and the “ceiling”. It might sound a bit suspicious, especially as it is taken out of context like this but it’s really been a great experience for me! Coming from the Nordics and having spent a lot of time in the U.K. it’s a little bit of a sensitive subject to discuss how you are and how you feel. As opposed to the USA, where in my experience this seems to be a lot more acceptable to discuss with outsiders. Do you agree? I think talking about challenges that you are facing is a good thing. And for me, to reach out to someone who can ask you objective questions is great! As opposed to mole over the same subjects with friends and family and not really get anywhere. That’s why I feel so strongly about looking after yourself and writing about these weekly challenges. It’s to make you do something nice for you! Well maybe not all of them. Such as with the photo challenge. Did you see that one?

Postcard challenge

To make someone you know feel amazing!

And I also want us to think about our environment and use less plastics and so on…

Use less plastics!

So as I’ve mentioned before my goal with Fridays is to invite different people to guest blog here. I would like individuals to write a little bit about what they do to make themselves feel better! What do you do to remain positive? We all have challenges to over come, good, bad and better days! Hopefully some of you would like to participate?! I really hope so!!!

Ibiza- as a travel destination!

I’ve spent a lot of time on this island. I know what most people’s idea is about this beautiful place- somewhere to go for crazy parties! And yes- by all means if that’s what you’re interested in of course you could do that here 24/7! However I have taken my advanced Padi Diving certificate here, explored the island, visited some amazing restaurants and of course clubs! There is also so much more to this island in relation to health. I know a lot of Yoga companies seem to arrange trips here and beaches and coves you can go to for mud baths! Still on my list to do…

A couple of my favourite restaurants:


La Torreta in Ibiza Town.

There is also a great food market in the centre of Ibiza Town that I recommend.

Then there are plenty of places to go to for lovely breakfasts with fresh juice, croissants and nice strong coffee!

My preferred town is also Ibiza Town to spend time in and to stay in.

If you haven’t been yet, I’d really recommend. It truly has everything to offer. A word of warning though: in July/ August, it gets extremely busy!!!

Day 4 Yoga with Adriene

This mornings session was quite a gentle one. The settings are very relaxing outside near a river. It’s all about stretching! We are now on day 4 of Yoga with Adriene so more than half way through! I really don’t want to rush this though but to enjoy the journey and then be proud of the achievement. Because I think it is an achievement when you spend time on yourself and do things that make you feel better! I really recommend. Come on and join in:


Internet and free photo sites to use when blogging!

I must admit that I read a lot. I love researching and searching for information. I’ve used for more than 20 years! I think it’s a great search engine. It’s my preferred choice. A brief side note is that back in the early 2000 a close friend of mine got a job there as well. I’m pretty sure she was one of the first 50 people hired. Anyway that’s not what I wanted to share. I love researching, reading and searching for information. From that point of view, internet is an amazing invention! It dates (or what is documented anyway…) back to the 1960s where it was commissioned by the USA federal government. It was used by academia in the 1980s and spread to the public thereafter. There is a movie about called “Computer Networks- The Heralds of Resource Sharing” by Steven King (not Stephen King) from 1972. It’s a documentary referencing important individuals in computer networking. I haven’t seen it yet myself, but it will be added to my wish list of films to see!

Throughout my blogging journey, I’m stumbling upon so many people committed to blogging and others committed to helping other become better bloggers. There is no doubt that to blog- is a hard job! A hard job but so much fun and full of so many opportunities! Right now, I don’t have a good camera and I also lack the time to take great photos. I do think however that it is good to display nice photos in your blog posts. I’ve come across these sites to date where you can find free photos to use:



Little Visuals



Just make sure to follow any instructions on reference and source properly if required!

My preferred one is pexels- which one do you use and like the best?