Yoga with Adriene; weekly challenge to make you feel great!

Now it’s time to get ready for the week. Depending on where you are, you might have a few more hours left or maybe it’s later in the evening. Last week, I talked a little bit about stress, which is something that I think we all experience more or less in our lives. One thingContinue reading “Yoga with Adriene; weekly challenge to make you feel great!”

Høst in Copenhagen a true gem that delivers

This weekend the weather has truly been proper autumn weather. Short bursts of rain and wind gusts followed by sunshine and blue sky. Copenhagen is actually quite a “foodie” city. Something that took me a little bit of a surprise to be completely honest with you! Guide Michelin has awarded a total of 19 starsContinue reading “Høst in Copenhagen a true gem that delivers”

Friday again… inspiration!

Today is Friday a great day! I’d recommend you contemplate your week and remember to enjoy every minute of every day. It’s so easy to sometimes focus on the goal but life is also about the journey on how you get there as well! Maybe even more so? Don’t forget …!!! Another quote I like…!Continue reading “Friday again… inspiration!”

Amazing Caribbean and Guadeloupe in the spotlight

Thursdays, I’d like to dedicate to trips and travels! I’ve travelled around since I was little. It started with our family trips to the North and middle of Sweden as well to the south down in the Mediterranean usually by car! Yes, those trips were long and tedious but of course filled with life longContinue reading “Amazing Caribbean and Guadeloupe in the spotlight”