Amazing Caribbean and Guadeloupe in the spotlight

Thursdays, I’d like to dedicate to trips and travels! I’ve travelled around since I was little. It started with our family trips to the North and middle of Sweden as well to the south down in the Mediterranean usually by car! Yes, those trips were long and tedious but of course filled with life long unforgettable memories too! That’s what’s amazing about Europe in my opinion. It’s like the USA just that each state has its own more different culture and language.

My first big trip was to the Caribbean- to Guadeloupe to be specific. I remember it very well. At the time I lived in a family where the dad was a pilot. I flew on one of those spare seats. I don’t think you can do this today due to security and/ or health and safety regulations. I just remember getting quite stiff and sore sitting on a jumper seat for almost 10 hours but I was just way too excited to care too much about it! I also remember stepping off the plane and experiencing Caribbean heat for the first time. It was like walking straight into a hot wall! The sun was so incredibly yellow and the sky so very blue. We drove around the island and stopped by a beach just near the sea and laid down straight onto the very hot sand. Me being rather pale, of course, got burned to a crisp that first hour. So a few very needed “lessons learned” quite quickly.

We had the most amazing week there driving around everywhere, walking near the volcano, observing the colours on the flowers, savour delicious rom “petit punch” and native food. We stopped by small beach huts for lunch. We were also invited to a party so experienced the dancing as well. This is an island I’d definitely go back to.

Guadeloupe is a beautiful island. This is a few years ago (ok a long time ago!) but I’m pretty confident in saying it still is. I’d recommend. Have you been to the Caribbean? What’s your impression?

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