Saturday baking- no eggs and dairy free chocolate cake

Maybe not the healthiest of breakfasts starting the day sampling cake batter… but it’s dairy and egg free:

1. Set oven on 160c/ 320f

2. Mix the dry ingredients together:

1 2/3 cup of sifted flour

4 tbs of baking powder

1 cup of sugar

2/3 cup of cocoa powder

2 tbs of vanilla sugar

3. Mix this with:

1 3/4 cup of dairy free liquid

3 tbs of oil or dairy free butter

4. Mix all together in a bowl

5. Pour this all in a greased floured pan (22cm)

6. Bake for 40mins, check that it comes out clean after testing it with a toothpick or similar

7. Cool it then enjoy!

Spotify- an admirer and I truly recommend

So today I have a lot of admin to do at home and fun things such as cleaning… I really love Spotify and am impressed with how they’ve become so big. So that’s what I’m listening to whilst doing these things. If they’re profitable or not yet I’m not sure. But what a brand and power they have. I truly admirer entrepreneurs and their drive. I think truly it is about having a vision, visualise, dream big, feel it in your stomach, work hard and put a lot of effort into something you truly really believe in. Who says there are limits and that you can’t reach your goal? Just go for it, dream big, don’t give up, enjoy every minute of every day. Live life now!

Personal emails to your inbox- Finimize recommend

I do read a lot and have signed up to a lot of information. I also think it is good to sign up to newsletters and shop information when you move to a new country. For me that’s one way to settle in and to get familiar with your new country. I’m sure you received a lot of emails prior to GDPR taking effect though. It surprised me how many sites/ companies/ organisations hold information on you.

One site I do quite like though is Finimize. It’s a group of people who decided to write short to the point information about financial news. It takes you 3-4 minutes to read each of their articles. A good recommendation from me if you want to stay tuned about news in finance.

Finimize Financial News