Personal emails to your inbox- Finimize recommend

I do read a lot and have signed up to a lot of information. I also think it is good to sign up to newsletters and shop information when you move to a new country. For me that’s one way to settle in and to get familiar with your new country. I’m sure you receivedContinue reading “Personal emails to your inbox- Finimize recommend”

Boozt- new App for me that I recommend

This is a blog with recommendations and that in a lot of different subjects. Right now I am checking out different shops, online tools etc. I do like to make things a little bit easier for myself at times. Here in Denmark and in Sweden I have noticed Boozt, which have a lot of brands.Continue reading “Boozt- new App for me that I recommend”

Challenge Day 3- Calm- a great App for meditation

Good morning/ afternoon/ evening to wherever you are. For me it’s morning. I’ve just completed another session of Calm. It really is a great App to use to get into meditation. And it does help. In these times when we are so exposed and accessible 24/7- it’s important to learn how to switch off. It’sContinue reading “Challenge Day 3- Calm- a great App for meditation”