Christmas indulgence- Clarins!

One of my weaknesses is beauty products! Yes superficial here we go…! I do allow myself to be that- we have to once in a while right? As we are getting closer to Christmas, these are items I would love to find under the Christmas tree or in my Christmas stocking! Have you started any plans for Christmas yet? I know it’s still relatively early!

Pictures from Boozt which is quickly becoming a favourite of mine!


This week’s challenge- more gratitude

I’d like to continue this week with similar challenge as the last one; gratitude. Continue with your list but the focus should be on you. You are unique and special. There is only one you… remind yourself that every day this week and consciously decide to note down every day this week, 3 things that you are grateful for about yourself! Come on and join in- you know it makes perfect sense!!!

Blogging terminology- enjoy the journey!

There are quite a few concepts to grasp in the world of blogging. Are you aware of what you should “know” in the blogging world? I’m not a technologically savvy person by any standards. I guess that’s good and bad because it takes time for me to develop this blog. I really don’t feel that I am in a rush. What is important to me right now is to grow my blog at a good pace and more so, that you enjoy reading what I write! Then I think the rest will follow. I’m also very passionate about this, which I think helps!

It is a new area for me to learn about blogging- and I love researching and learning so win-win. I know I need to get a better understanding about the following concepts: (random order)

  • Domain
  • Self hosted
  • SSL
  • Pinterest
  • Tailwind
  • Legalities
  • Taxes
  • Mailchimp
  • Analytics
  • Bluehost
  • Siteground
  • Cava
  • Macs
  • Monetising
  • Blog courses
  • Photos

And more… I can’t wait to learn about these items! I did not sign up to Genius Bloggers Toolkit in the end. It is too early for me to be inundated with learning at the moment from these kind of courses. I also really want to know that I get true value from any kind of course first. I’ve also seen the Elite Blogging Academy. It is quite an investment and commitment if you decide to sign up. So far, I’ve followed quite a few bloggers who blog about blogging. This seems to be a good niche to be in. Right now though, I’ve actually unsubscribed from a few as I was inundated by emails on all this “how to”.

Right now, I really want to enjoy this blogging and writing. I’m truly fascinated by how we can all connect and reach out and share. It’s a global tool. It really shows how the world is developing and how internet has transformed how we socialise. It’s also important for me to blog because this is something I really enjoy, it makes me happy and I really do not want this to become something I stress or worry about! I really recommend to enjoy every minute and moment that you spend and invest on your blog. In the end it is an investment in you!!!

Gratitude challenge- update

So how are you finding this challenge? It is a simple exercise but a very important one- right?

I have written down down a few things that I’m immensely grateful for:

  1. Health- mine and my family’s. I’ve been struggling to shift something that very stubbornly does not seem to want to leave me. It’s left me very tired and at points very annoyed. So health is definitely something not to take for granted and something to be very grateful for.
  2. Family- my near and dear ones. I have a great family- very strong independent and thoughtful family members. How could I not be grateful for them…
  3. Friends- I have some great friends. Recently I haven’t paid as much attention to all my friends. Friendship is something you nurture and also a give and take relationship. I’m grateful for my friends and all the opportunities they have given me. And for all the listening at times…
  4. Career and life coach. This year, I decided to approach someone to help me untangle my career life a little. She’s given me so many great advice. It’s one of the reasons I decided to focus on the positive. I know for some people being positive is more normal… for others it is not. But we can all make a choice to focus on the positive! Every single one of us. I have always been into yoga and eastern medicine has fascinated me. I’ve tried acupuncture a few times and it’s actually been helpful for me. I fully realise that we all have different believes and different things work for different people. I fully understand, embrace and accept that. I do believe in energy and vibrations. Something that Gabby Bernstein talks a lot about. I am right now following her in the periphery. I guess it’s about being open minded.
  5. My determination. When I was 18, I decided to move away from home to a foreign country where I didn’t speak the language nor knew a single soul. Nuts- yes probably. Would I do it again- most definitely! It’s made me who I am today- all the good and the bad. Because admittedly who is perfect…?!
  6. Blogging. I am truly enjoying this journey and see my blogging as a long term thing. Will I continue blogging every day? Don’t know… but I’m the kind of person who thinks, analyse, have monologues, love talking, discussing, helping, making a difference and hopefully can make people realise that life is precious and amazing. In the good times and the bad. If we did not go through tough times- we wouldn’t know what good times feel like. Right? Make the most of it!!! I love the comments and discussions we have here. And I feel this is just a start for me. I have finally found a hobby that I enjoy. I’m not even sure it’s right to call it a hobby even…

Here are a few of my a philosophical “Good Things” I’ve written down so far. I know a habit doesn’t form in 7 days- but I hope that it is a start for some of us and something that will form into a habit that we will do automatically every day because it makes us feel great!!! I truly, truly recommend…!