Focus, vision, goal and affirmation!

Focus can be one of many things. Right now it’s still to start and to complete what’s been started! Multitasking is a skill but I’m starting to think that it’s more efficient to do one thing at a time! And to see it through to the end.

Vision is to look back this week and having completed a lot of my “to do” things. The goal is to do this AND to maintain the work life balance. Even here in a liberal country such as Denmark, it’s a challenge. Personally I’m so used to just give work 110% all the time. Sometimes family life needs to take precedence. I’m blessed because that is more acceptable here- no doubt about that. 🙏🏻

Affirmation will be to keep “focused and remain calm- throughout”!!!

Another week is in full speed!!!

I really recommend.

Summer must have!

Wind, rain, grey, sleet repeat… days are getting longer though so now preparing for perpetual day light instead! You know that we in the Nordics talk an awful lot about the weather. Do you have any such subjects that are frequent subjects where you’re from or where you are now???

Focus, vision, goal and affirmation!

Monday again! And what a beautiful Monday as well with blue skies and sunshine! Amazing…

So what is focus for this week? To take one thing at a time. Life can be crazy busy at times and that’s when it’s extra important to focus on one thing at a time. Multitasking is a great skill, but I think it’s more and more important in today’s world to actually focus on one thing; from start to end and then to start on the next thing.

Vision: the end of this week to walk around with my daughter and observe the universe followed by a delicious meal consisting of spring rolls and noodles (the healthy ones of course!!!)

Goal: to remind myself to continue with choosing to be healthy. What I stated yesterday- to go back to being nicer to myself with yoga, running, healthier food. For me… nobody else!!!

Affirmation: smile. Just smile. It can actually transform a very bad moment to something much, much better. It happened to me last week actually. Involved in confusing and unstructured conversations- I decided to take a deep breath and steer it back to structure and focus. It worked- and it also made me feel much better!

So… are you with me? Of course you are!!! I so… recommend!!!

To live a healthy life

If you have your health- you are blessed. It’s so easy to forget the things that we have- the things we take for granted: our home, family, our country, the rights we have, what we have access to and so on. I’m aware not everybody have everything I’ve listed either!

Don’t you think sometimes that the difficult things with a new routine is to stick with it?! I love new beginnings and am finding it harder to continue and ensure it becomes a regular occurrence and part of my daily routine. In all honesty, I also find diets and to think about eating well very boring!!! There- I’ve said it! I wish I was that person who loved getting up at 5:30am with running shoes on, pumping cool music in my headphones, returning sweaty with a big smile on my face, preparing porridge or other healthy breakfasts and continued my day, heck week!!!… in that fashion- but right now that’s definitely not the case!

For the last 4-5 weeks I’ve felt a bit lethargic due to illnesses and a busy life. My daily choices when it comes to food or exercise have not been the best. That’s when I think that you need to focus on the healthier side of life though. That’s why I’ve decided to bring back energy in my life. Over the next coming weeks, I will invest in me and in my health by:

    Picking up my daily yoga again
    Start running 2-3 times per week
    Cut down on white sugar
    Stop the sweets, crisps and other not good alternatives
    Cook more at home

Is anyone joining me?!?!?! I really, really recommend!!!

Friday inspiration!

Friday is here and the work week, here at least, is approaching its final stages.

This week has been tough but what has helped me is to visualise success and to remain calm throughout. To ride out the storms…! And also to smile actually though at times that’s the least I’ve felt I’ve wanted to do! I do recommend!

I hope you’ve also had a great week!?

The weekend is soon here 🙏🏻!

Sense of achievement- personal insight

So today was the big day. I made my presentation! I feel an immense sense of relief. It’s behind me. I did it. I know it definitely wasn’t the greatest of speeches. I followed two masters who’ve worked together for a while and are in sync. But the audience was great. I could tell they wanted me to do well and perform- they laughed and looked at me as if what I said was interesting- so a very forgiving audience. This time last year, I declined a presentation such as this. Now… it’s in the past. For next time, I know now how to prepare and to not be so anxious beforehand! I did listen to some great TedTalks and read somewhere that there are people out there who would prefer to get bitten by a spider than to talk in front of an audience. I did it so in that respect I’m proud now over my achievement! I do recommend that you face your fears. If I can… so can you!!! I recommend.