Just stop!

Today I did just that… I slowed down. Decided to shift and focus on what’s important in my life! Been baking, cooking and talking a lot to my 9 year old… what could be more precious than that… quality time on a Monday. Make a conscious decision to put your energy to what matters in life!!! I truly recommend. Live life to its fullest. It’s worth it… trust me. Yes, go full speed. But don’t forget to slow down at times…

This week’s challenge- slow… down…

This week’s challenge is to slow down. I think a lot of us do so many things and quite often so fast! I challenge you to take 30 minutes every day to slow down. Do this whatever way you see best: a walk, listen to music, meditate, read a book (avoid your media gadgets). Slow down: who are you rushing for?! Take time when you walk outside and properly look around you. Sometimes I see something new in an area I see everyday. It’s been there the whole time though- I’ve just never noticed it before. Funny and a little bit scary. Time moves fast as it is without-us having to rush so. Walk slower, take time to read and notice what is around you. Just… slow… down! That is what I truly recommend that you do this week. For you!

Outside walks in sunshine and ultimate flapjacks!

The sun came out this weekend and what better way of taking advantage of some hot sunshine than going for some walks! We jumped on a train nearby and stopped after a couple of stations. About 200m from the station awaited a beautiful park. It was full of deer. Beautiful ones in a range of different colours. The weekend has also been full of family time, movies, cooking and friends with “fika”.

Ultimate flapjacks

These were also put together to be eaten during the week. They turned out great! I can really recommend!!!

Friday inspiration

A crisp cold morning greeted us with its presence this morning. I expect January and February to be cold here and snowy. How has your week been? Time spent on you? Any yoga sessions? I have 3 I need to catch up on this weekend so I will be quite busy. That along with starting my actual runs will fill my days. I’ve had long days in front of computers so that will be a much welcome change!

How are you all doing? How is it going with your writing? I read so many good posts. It’s incredible the tools we have at our disposal these days.

Have an amazing Friday! As always- make the most of it our time is so precious!!! I truly recommend.

Another Thursday

Thursday is here. A great day of the week if you ask me. What have you been up to this far in 2019?

Here the week’s moving fast: daily routines kicking in, school, work, preparing what to eat, exercising, family & friend time. Not very exciting I have to admit! Do you have any grandiose plans this weekend? Here we might need to find some good snowsuits for my 9-year old. A bit of a challenge as she’s tall! Other than that the plan is to relax, eat, watch some movies and to go for a couple of runs. I realise now that I need to start my mileage in order to be able to partake in the half marathon that I have signed up to! Nothing like a good challenge… Thursday is here. Dark and rainy outside but warm and “Hygge” inside!

Enjoy your day!