Busy weeks ahead

I have to admit that my life is very busy right now with full time work, new and old projects simultaneously, daughter who needs me, home to be prepared for festivities, family visiting, prepare shopping, planning trip to London and more visitors… so yes I know it shouldn’t but I have to check in here a bit less right now!

We are doing really well with our challenge though by using what we already have! We’ve had pasta, chicken, vegetables, bread, condiments etc etc. My daughter sees it as a sport! She encourages me not to buy anything which is kind of sweet. It makes me realise how kids truly do what you do… not really what you say!

So… bear with me with my irregular posts right now! I’ve got so much I want to achieve in 2019! One of them is to spend time on this blog. I’ve also signed up to a half marathon next year. Crazy- yes- good for me- I think so?! I love it when my life is fast paced, but also cherish moments of doing not much! As in nothing!!! Will have a few of those days soon… Enjoy every moment of every day. Life just is so precious… friends and family need you!!! Come on- you can do this… aim for the stars! 2019 will be great- and so will the rest of this year be albeit rather, rather busy!!!

This week’s challenge- use what you have

Christmas is approaching

Christmas is approaching, and it is approaching fast! We have prepared our home and it is looking very nice, if I can say so myself. I do feel split about Christmas. It is a lot of consumerism (is that a word?) On the other hand, I think it is such a nice time to turn what is a grey and dark period into something light and festive. It is time to relax (or is it?), spend time with family and friends. I realise that this is not the case everywhere or for everyone. But if you are a lucky person who get the opportunity to enjoy this time of year- then please do!

Interior Design

We have now also lived in our place for almost 8 months and it is finally starting to look like a home. I love interior design and have sourced our furniture from different shops. It truly is a mix of Nordic flavours with hints of American and British influences. Some items are more expensive, and other items are from IKEA (I LOVE IKEA!). I will show you parts of this in a later post!

This week’s challenge 

Coming to this week’s challenge- I challenge you to use what you already have. By that I mean to use what you have in your fridge and freezer and also in cupboards. I don’t know about you, but here we can end up with a bit too many bags of dry pasta and rice. So why not spend these few weeks before Christmas to clear up your fridge, freezer and cupboards- and make space for the Christmas food? I think this will make you feel a lot better. It is easy to forget the food that you put in your freezer to eat at a later time. It is a waste! Use it…and make space for the festivities that will be here before we know it! I truly, truly recommend. 



Yes… another Friday!!! Roald Dahl…

Isn’t life amazing. And frightening?! And so many more things that I could just continue describing life here for a very long time. No matter what you’ve experienced since last Friday… the days change, the weeks change, seasons change… I think you get what I’m trying to say. Life is amazing! Yes, very hard at times; sad, unfair, challenging and so on. But if you try and start your day with just that tiny incline of a smile on your lips, you will feel better! Trust me. I’ve not been this happy, can do, positive person for that long at all. I’m still not like that all of the time. Some days, all I want to do is to just scream really loud, chuck a computer out a window (yes IT frustrations), tell someone some real truths and go and hide under my duvet and just stay there. But… then I tell myself… you… can… do… this… and think positive thoughts. I have so many things and people in my life to be grateful for. I get to experience so many incredible things. I change the lenses by which I see my life- they can be black/ grey… or a lighter shade of pink/ purple. I chose a happier shade of lenses to view my world through! That is something I think that we all can be a master of. Right?! I really recommend that you try this. Even just to put a little smile on your face right now- and say this amazing quote by Roald Dahl out loud:

Surely this makes you feel a little bit better?!

Have the most amazing of Fridays and go reach for the stars!!!

Life is a rollercoaster!

I’m sure I’ve already used this as a headline! But it’s so very true. Up and down, fast, slow, exhilarating, scary, funny, making you laugh and scream at the same time. Never forget though that YOU are in control of your life. No one else… you decide how much time to spend on certain things, who to listen to, to exercise (or not), what to eat, what to do during the day. You also chose to be happy, sad or down. Yes of course I realise that we all have different lives, circumstances and life situations depending on sometimes more complicated situations that I will bring up here. What I’m trying to say though is that you can influence you… your thoughts and your attitude. And tricky times and challenging situations can become somewhat easier and more manageable if you have a positive mindset. I truly, truly, truly recommend!!!

2019 what are your plans?

2018 has been quite the eventful year for me: moving country, changing job, commuting at first to my family, new challenges, career coach (amazing!!!), new friends, new school for my daughter, new home, culture, city, food, doctor and many, many more things. Yes of course this was made easier by being Swedish moving to a Nordic country and having done country moves before. I know from experience that it takes at least 12 months before settling in and for life to get some sort of routine again.

Have you started thinking about 2019 yet? Are you wrapping up your year? Do you have any 2019 promises yet? As I’ve mentioned prior my life is a race car or sometimes Daisy Duck pace. Right now, it’s even at a faster pace than a race car! But one thing that I will focus more on in 2019 is Health. Not in a negative or stressful way. But in a more balanced approach. To make time for me and my family, to take time to exercise, to eat slightly better (never any restrictions!!!) and to visit doctors, dentists etc… things that I know I could and should do better! To do my gratitude list, yoga and meditation. To read more books and use my iPhone less. And to stop worrying about future “what if” events and what other people think.

Overall 2018 has been an amazing year! Easy- definitely not! Exciting- most definitely!!!

I can’t wait to start 2019 but first ensure that I wrap up 2018 in an amazing way!!! I truly recommend.

Black Friday any good? Save some money!

Did you manage to find anything that you’ve been looking for? I actually bought a dining table lamp at 25% discount. And it was actually a proper discount- not really 25% though. It’s quite interesting how you really need to keep checking and monitor. It’s almost like a competition and a sport?! Is the product truly on sale? I followed this particular lamp for some time and lo and behold, it was actually on sale the week before (15%), then it went back to its original price last Monday. Then on Thursday last week it was actually advertised at 25% less. Now it’s actually the time to buy summer clothes and shoes! I love Birkenstock and I’ve found a pair that’s currently at 50% sale. That’s how I like to shop more and more. Think seasons ahead and what you truly need (if that’s truly “need” is debatable but I think you know what I mean). And really… I guess you should plan Christmas gifts all year round and buy when there is a sale on. That’s why I love these “wishlists” and baskets that you can create on different sites. If I was clever enough I’d actually build an App where all of this could be stored including websites, prices and changes so that you could easily track and ideally it would send you an email or notify you when it’s at a price that you agree to. A bit like buying and selling shares! Perhaps there already is an App such as this out there. Do you know? I need to do some research here I think! Imagine to be so organised and structured and save some £€$ on top of it all. A win-win! I really recommend!