Høst in Copenhagen a true gem that delivers

This weekend the weather has truly been proper autumn weather. Short bursts of rain and wind gusts followed by sunshine and blue sky. Copenhagen is actually quite a “foodie” city. Something that took me a little bit of a surprise to be completely honest with you!

Guide Michelin has awarded a total of 19 stars to 15 restaurants here in 2018. I love dining experiences and good food! There is nothing better than to explore new flavours and courses and to do this in great company of truly great friends!

Høst is a true gem located near Nørreport. It’s cozy and beautifully decorated. It’s warm and inviting. The walls are exposed brick work and inside are also trees, which add a little bit of quirkiness to the place.

The food… is quite an experience. The menu is set and changes regularly. You can pick a 3- or a 5- course menu. If you so wish, this can be accompanied by wine pairing or home made lemonades. Trust me, that you will not leave this place hungry! They also offer fresh bread with whipped butter, which is divine. The courses are local and inspired by the Nordics. This time around they offer an amazing fish dish, blue mussel soup which I just couldn’t make justice by describing it here. The dessert just doesn’t make any sense when you read the description but was so delicious with crazy flavours! There were also a lot of surprise elements to the dining experience. I don’t want to divulge too much just in case you ever decide to go there. Then you need to experience it yourself. All I can say is that I really recommend a visit here. Just make sure that you book a table in advance as it gets very full and booked early on! I recommend.

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