Yoga with Adriene; weekly challenge to make you feel great!

Now it’s time to get ready for the week. Depending on where you are, you might have a few more hours left or maybe it’s later in the evening. Last week, I talked a little bit about stress, which is something that I think we all experience more or less in our lives. One thing that I know truly helps me, is to do yoga regularly. I have to admit that sometimes I do not take the time to properly invest in myself and in my health. That’s why this week’s challenge will be to do a yoga session every day for 7 days straight! Set your alarm and wake up 25 minutes earlier than normal. Put the kettle or the coffee machine on, bring out your yoga mat on the floor (if you have one) and also a small towel or pillow and look up Yoga with Adriene on YouTube. You can do this with such minimal effort and it will not cost you a penny! A great investment in you!

I recommend the following sequence (but please do as you see fit):

Monday morning: An energising morning sequence that lasts for 25 minutes. I think that if we really want to and make that effort- we can all do this- right?

Morning Energy Yoga

Then on Tuesday I recommend this session:


A Yoga Wash Detox Flow, which is 23 minutes long. After this one, you will feel great!

Then on Wednesday when we might feel a little bit flustered and need some calming influence I recommend this session:

Stress Melt

A session to get a better handle on how to manage stress. Perfect for a Wednesday!

Then, what better way to start your Thursday than with a stretch session. This one is only a little bit more than 20 minutes long. Try it!


Friday evening after a long week to wind down and prepare for another great weekend, I recommend this 11 minute session to ensure a great sleep!


Then why not start your weekend with this slightly longer session for your whole body? It’s 50 minutes long but hopefully you have a little bit more time on Saturday to spend and invest in yourself?!

Self Love

After 6 days straight of doing Yoga I propose a calming practice that’s a little bit longer than 17 minutes.

Movement Medicine

This will be a real challenge for me. I know how easy it is to press that snooze button and get up a little bit later! But this week, starting tomorrow, I will put myself and my health first by investing in me, and to take time and do this challenge. I’m a big fan of Adriene. She’s done such an amazing journey and really believes in the message she’s relaying. I really, really recommend and hope that some of you will join me and be on your mat sometime tomorrow and for the next seven days! Come on, you know that this makes perfect sense!!!

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5 thoughts on “Yoga with Adriene; weekly challenge to make you feel great!

  1. So, how did the challenge go? Could you maintain it after the 7 days? Personally, I have three rather old Rodney Yee DVDs, but my yoga sessions are so deeply ingrained in my morning routine that I’ve not missed one for several months ๐Ÿ™‚


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