Christmas items in IKEA

As I wrote the other day; Swedish Christmas traditions there are a lot of items that you can find in IKEA to brighten up your home in December. I am a big fan of this shop. Yes, I’m Swedish but I’ve also worked here- in the shop and for the bank as well. I also like the fact that it exists in other countries in the world as it is a little bit of stepping in, in Sweden when you enter them. I am aware that some people do not like IKEA at all, it is busy (specially at the weekends!), you have to walk around a lot trying to find the items you want to purchase and then spend hours putting the items together. And sometimes perhaps not all the screws and other parts are included in the furniture parcel. But… I still love it! These items might very well move into our home in a couple of weeks time:

It really brightens and warms up any home. And the items are not too costly either. I truly recommend!

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