This week’s challenge cook healthier food!

So this week, I challenge you to cook healthier food. To cook more from scratch and incorporate more vegetables and fruit in your diet. This is perfect timing, to be a bit healthier and mindful before all the festivities start. I encourage you to do stir fries, to poach fish and or chicken, prepare deliciousContinue reading “This week’s challenge cook healthier food!”

Holiday through Europe ending in Venice

Venice- the city built on dirt and mud many years ago. The city has a history going back to 400 AD. It was founded by people who escaped barbarian conquerors. People used the marshy lagoons and the city was founded on 118 small islands. It’s truly a mystery. How come the city isn’t sinking? OrContinue reading “Holiday through Europe ending in Venice”

Holidays- what are they? What do they mean to you?

What are holidays- really? This depends right? Where you live, culture, where you work, if you work, have kids and so on… The Nordics are generous when it comes to holidays. I mean that in terms of number of weeks but also how holidays are perceived and treated. It seems as if people here actuallyContinue reading “Holidays- what are they? What do they mean to you?”

Headphones recommendations Sony WH-CH500

We all know that Christmas is approaching- and that fast! I decided a while back to invest in some wireless headphones. I’ve never had any and with all the travelling I’ve done lately, I thought it was time. I can easily say that I can recommend these: Sony WH-CH500 Considering how expensive some are, theseContinue reading “Headphones recommendations Sony WH-CH500”