Holiday through Europe ending in Venice

Venice- the city built on dirt and mud many years ago. The city has a history going back to 400 AD. It was founded by people who escaped barbarian conquerors. People used the marshy lagoons and the city was founded on 118 small islands. It’s truly a mystery. How come the city isn’t sinking? Or is it? How do they maintain the buildings here? Is the water clean? Why the gondolas?

The city has sunk 9 inches these last 100 years so in a way, it is sinking. Maybe the city will cease to exist as it is today if water levels rise. The buildings were originally built on long wooden piles. Occasionally water is also drained from canals so that necessary repairs can be made. There are days for rubbish collection as well. The water here is clean but a swim in the canals is definitely not recommended. It’s also quite deep ranging from 30-60 feet deep. The Venetian lagoon is 164 feet below sea level. The gondolas are heavy. They are all 10.87cm long and 1.42cm wide. A mystery surrounds gondolas but they have evolved over time. The people who drive these are extremely skilful. It’s a beautiful city. I’d definitely recommend a visit here if you get the chance. Of course full of tourists but it’s so impressive you almost forget about the crowds when you walk around on the small streets in the myriad of buildings, canals, gondolas and people. it’s a magical place.

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