Swedish Christmas traditions to brighten up December

In December, there are a myriad of events that take place in Sweden. (I am sure, similar things happen here in Denmark that I will get to experience.) Sweden is a country where it does really get dark in the evenings! I recall going to school and leaving home at 7:30am- pitch black. And goingContinue reading “Swedish Christmas traditions to brighten up December”

Chicken stew- perfect for autumn days!

This dish is perfect for the colder darker autumn days! Warm chicken stew 4 pcs of chicken filets 1 onion (colour your choice) 1 garlic clove 1 stock cube 3 tbs flour Soya 2 tbs curry powder Cream (other liquid of your choice) Chop the onion and garlic and sauté this softly in butter/ oliveContinue reading “Chicken stew- perfect for autumn days!”

Ilse Jacobsen- new favourite brand?

So far, a few items of Ilse Jacobsen have moved into my wardrobe; dresses, boots and a raincoat. I have to admit that the quality is excellent. It’s slowly becoming one of my favourite brands. I don’t miss Reiss as much. They are two completely different brands though. Ilse is probably a little bit moreContinue reading “Ilse Jacobsen- new favourite brand?”