Happy Tuesday Yoga and Halloween 🎃

Today is Tuesday. This day is actually named after the One-handed God named Tiw in the Norse mythology. The information about him is a bit mixed but supposedly he had a female companion called Zisa. He lost his hand to a wolf named Fenris. I find the Norse mythology very fascinating albeit violent. On toContinue reading “Happy Tuesday Yoga and Halloween 🎃”

Mindfulness and trends- this week’s challenge

There are always different trends on what is healthy for you; do you remember the Wii games? I played a little and it was great after I’d had my daughter. Something to do at home! Then we’ve had the varieties of no- carbs diet: Atkins and South Beach. I have to admit that I’ve neverContinue reading “Mindfulness and trends- this week’s challenge”

Yoga for Connection with Adriene

This morning I practised this session. 27 minutes long with a lot of breathing. Amazing to feel centred again! Yoga for Connection It will give you an opportunity to connect with yourself again. Today is Saturday; a day with family and a little surprise trip across the bridge to visit my home country Sweden. It’sContinue reading “Yoga for Connection with Adriene”