Pau to visit in South of France

Pau is the capital of Bearn. It’s located in the southwest of France. Pau is an old royal city set between the mountains and the ocean. In the 19th century it was very popular amongst the aristocrats. It’s a beautiful city located in a very green area. I’d love to visit here in the winter as well when you could go skiing in the Pyrénées as it’s only a 45 minutes drive from here. It’s an area I’d really recommend a visit to. Easy to get to from Biarritz, where you can find reasonable flights with different airlines. We used EasyJet. I really recommend!

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8 thoughts on “Pau to visit in South of France

    1. Yes it was amazing! I can really recommend a visit here- a long weekend or more and preferably rent a car and drive around in the area and to walk around in Pau and the other surrounding cities/ villages!

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      1. It’s really great to travel in Europe. So many places to see and you can find very reasonable flights as there are a range of airlines here. Some places are also worth exploring by car. 🙏🏻😌

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