Inspirational people in music such as Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Ok you might think- where on earth am I going with this post now? But I would like for Fridays to be inspirational! One of my goals with writing and sharing is to inspire. And to make you stop and think a little and enjoy the small things in life. One of these things to me is music. I’ll invite other bloggers to share blogs here eventually but for now I will bring up individuals who have made a difference in the world we live in today. One of them to me, is Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Do you ever listen to classic music? I do, but I have to admit it’s not very often. It’s so easy to forget our past sometimes, and by this I mean our history. I think that classic music has had a huge impact to the music as it is today. One of the people who is one of my favourite composers (and I admit I really don’t know much about classic music) is an inspirational person named Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. He was a real prodigy and started composing already at the age of 5. He was born in Salzburg in 1756. Salzburg is a very beautiful city that I visited many years ago. If you have any free time today, and if you are looking for that Friday movie I really recommend that you watch the movie Mozart. It came out in 1984 and won 8 Oscars. It’s quite a powerful movie; fun, entertaining, sad, inspirational and of course with beautiful music in. I recommend. Or, why not listen directly to his music tonight and relax and prepare for an amazing weekend!

Travelling and a list with how to pack

This summer I realised I’m a terrible packer! More than half of my bag contained items I never used in the end. I now have another trip planned to go to a wedding. In order to make sure that I only bring what we need, I have actually looked at the attached list and also pre-planned outfits for every day. Part of me thinks… hmmm maybe a bit boring. But really it’s not. It’s absolutely necessary! Don’t you think? I mean it will save space, make sure the bags are not overloaded so that it fits the criteria of hand-luggage only. That is another challenge! I will create lists such as the attached- one for long haul, another one for weekend trip, one for summer holiday and another one for winter holidays. I think that will be useful!


This list is from Andrea! More to follow… but for now I recommend looking at packing lists in order to make sure you only pack what you need. Who knows- maybe we can go from a novice to an expert when it comes to packing after all!

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Challenge update reading books for 30 minutes every day “Lagom” & “Stop talking and start doing action book”

So- how’s this going- the Challenge of reading books for 30 minutes every day. I have two shorter books that I intend to complete this week. The first one is called “Lagom”. It is about the “Swedish Art of Living a Balanced, Happy Life”. It really describes Scandinavian life in the eyes of a woman called Niki Brantmark who is originally from London. She was inspired , and I guess also intrigued, about the Scandinavian lifestyle when she visited a Swedish friend during the summer holidays.

” The long hours of daylight were spent eating home-baked waffles with strawberry jam, swimming in the sea and soaking up the sun on Sweden’s West Coast. The days were carefree and uncomplicated. We had no schedule to keep, no fancy meals to prepare and work couldn’t have been further from our minds. It was about slowing down, enjoying the warmer weather and making the most of what nature had to offer, surrounded by family and friends. It was the perfect setting for the beginnings of a love affair- not only with my Swedish husband but also with the Swedish way of life”.

It’s sounds so intriguing- I can’t wait to get further into the book! There is information about shoes indoors, the rag rug, sleep, how to integrate exercise into your daily life, annual leave to parenthood. “Lagom” means not too much and not too little- just right. I really recommend this book!

The other one I’m about to read is ” Stop talking and start doing action book” quite the opposite to some extent to the other book!!! It has some good quotes, such as this one from Winnie the Pooh:

” You can’t stay in your corner of the forest waiting for people to come to you. You have to go to them sometimes” It is about realising that the world does not conspire against you. It’s about realising that there is no better time than now! Start doing things- now! We all have fears- right? But you need to start somewhere and… do it now. This book- I also recommend!

Go on and share your books. It’s quite an amazing world really- reading. Don’t you think?!

Copenhagen history and interesting facts

Copenhagen is quite old. Below is some history and interesting facts. The first settlement occurred over 1,000 years ago. It wasn’t until 1443 that it became the capital of Denmark though. Copenhagen actually replaced Roskilde. I’m sure many of you have heard of Roskilde and the festival that takes place there.

The Copenhagen university was founded in 1479. All the “must” see buildings were built 1588-1648 during King Christian IV reign, such as:

Rosenborg Castle

Round Tower

Old Stock Exchange

The Canals


Denmark and Copenhagen have been invaded by the Swedes and the English (and others).

Tivoli was founded in 1843. Copenhagen is famous for so many things: bicycling, the little mermaid of course, their sausages, Strøget, the Opera and many more things.

It’s a city well worth visiting if you ever get the chance! I recommend.

Autumn coats to admire

Here in Copenhagen you can sense that autumn is approaching. I’m wondering what kind of autumn we will have- short or long? I love when the leaves change colours on the trees and the different smells that come with autumn. I actually love the four seasons- the variations. Maybe a coat needs to move into my wardrobe. But first I will do another (yes!) challenge next week and seriously go through what I already have. And I will advice you to do the same. It’s so easy for things to end up in drawers and cupboards… for not to be used. I think if you’ve not really used something in the last 12 months, that you can give it away. Unless of course it’s an expensive item or something with a lot of history attached to it. But for now I’m browsing coats. One of my favourite brand is Reiss! Below you’ll see a coat from Burberry, one from Reiss and another one from H&M. I can recommend Reiss- good quality that holds for years. Usually dry clean though- just a tip! But I recommend.

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Copenhagen- travel card and getting around

It really is not the easiest to understanding how the travelling works in Copenhagen.

There are various methods to get around:






Car rentals

Note- there is no Uber here. Otherwise a favourite of mine- obviously where the city caters for it.

To get from the airport to the city or elsewhere I would recommend taking the Metro. This is very easy to find and it’ll take you 20 minutes more or less to get into the city: Nørreport or Kongens Nytorv.

I would recommend buying the travel card from the station at the airport. This will cost DKK 80 (at the time of writing this!) You can preload this as well with an amount. Note that it is possible to add passengers to your trip- you just need to find the right check in machine and add number of passengers to this.

Another advice is to check in every time you change mode of transport- for example from the Metro to the S-train- only check out when you’ve completed the journey!

Also if you happen to have a CPR number (danish personal number) I would advice to get a Pendlerkort- you can download this App on your iPhone (I’d imagine an Android too).

This is from my personal experience thus far spending time in Copenhagen. Does anyone have any other suggestions? Or stories you’d like to share on the best way to get around a city? I imagine it depends how long you are staying for and so on. I also know there are other ways to buy mode of transport in Copenhagen in conjunction with attractions- but I need to research that first before I can recommend further. So for now- I would recommend a travel card or to download the App if you can!

Comments and questions are very welcome 🙏🏻

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