A Saturday in Copenhagen

Today is a beautiful sunny day. We’ve just enjoyed our first cup of coffee. It’s quiet but to be fair, it usually is on Saturdays in general. Life goes on. We will stay at home. Maybe venture out on a bike ride away from crowds. Enjoy every minute of every day. We are looking forward- to brighter and warmer days. Keep calm and cool. This too shall pass. One day at a time! Stay safe 🙏😌. I so… recommend!

Sunflowers in Brittany

Friday inspiration!

Friday again. 2020 has so far been quite the year. Here where we are in Denmark, many things are closed. Many of us are scared and worried about this unknown. I so admire the people at the front right now: in the public sector- doctors, nurses, teachers, bus drivers, people who fill up our shops, who pick up our rubbish, teachers, policemen, firemen, pharmacists, scientists, our older generations… so many groups in our society. No one has the answer right now and we are facing the unknown. Once this has calmed down and we are back to some sort of normality I will leave that extra tip in our local shops, restaurants, say hi a lot more to people around me, offer seats to older people, open doors, ask if they need a hand etc etc… I’d like to think that normally I already do this- but… going forward I will do even more of this!!! Society is fragile… stay calm and be level headed and… be nice to one another and look after yourself!!!

“ Be a light in this world”

Focus, vision, goal and affirmation!

This week’s focus is to remain calm and practical. One day at a time simply.

See everything getting back to order- truly believe that we will see some sort of normality soon. Goal is to be calm, think of others and to support and just go that extra mile. To care…

“Have the right mindset”… tell yourself that many times this week!

I so recommend- stay and be well and look after each other, family and friends!

Focus, vision, goal and affirmation!

Focus on the positive. See yourself confident and slowly achieving your small tasks and goals that you’ve just decided that you will conquer. For you- no one else.

Simple affirmation for the week:

“I am enough”

Because you are, we are… just pure and simple start to give yourself credit for what you do every day. It’s as simple as that really. Feel good about it! I so… recommend! Have an amazing week!!!

Own photo