A New Year a New Decade: 2020!!!

Be grateful, be happy, cherish the small moments in life… these are words I need to live by… to be happier and enjoy the now. Life is so short and it can truly change in a second!

Make the most of it: count to ten, ignore silliness & pettiness. You are so much better than that…be good to your family, spoil your friends. Smile at strangers… 2020 is soon here… an opportunity to do great things!!! I so… recommend!

Welcome 2020!!!

What’s in focus 2020?

I believe that every day is an opportunity to start afresh. However with a new year lurking around the corner that’s also a great time to recalibrate and consider what it is that you’d like to focus on in 2020. 2020 will be a lot about feeling great. Short and simple…! Below are a few things I will focus more on in 2020!!!

  • Treat myself once a month: a haircut, beauty treatment or a nice piece of clothing
  • Make exercise a part of my life- go to the gym, run, cycle something where I work up a sweat and get rid of toxins!
  • Cook more at home. I enjoy cooking. I’m not great at it but this will change! To be a bit more experimental, full… and simple
  • To STOP worrying about the future so much and to be more present… to laugh more and see the funny side of things. Life… is just too short!!!
  • To consciously save smarter and invest and set a side for rainy days…
  • To socialise more with my friends!!! Invite people over more for dinner, drinks, laughter and chats
  • To do more adventurous things in my daily life- at work, with family and friends!!!

All in all to laugh more, enjoy more and just be happy!!! What are your plans???

Photo: Pexels

Time to recharge…

The time has come to recharge and refocus… to set direction for what is to come. Enjoy life… every minute of every day. That is one of the major reasons I decided to start this blog. To realise the power of remaining positive!!!

Following a very intense autumn my energy levels at the moment are low. I do however love to write and to encourage. Sometimes we are just surrounded by too much negativity and to fight that, it’s important to shine so bright it turns all negativity to dust! So for now, I’m recharging, rethinking and re- strategising. A new year ahead, I see but nothing full of opportunities! Also don’t forget to be kind to yourself. I think at times our worst enemies are our own thoughts. So without a further a do… I recommend that you stay positive, enjoy every minute and truly realise how powerful just you are! As you can say… a plus!

Photo: Pexels

Focus, vision, goal and affirmation!

What is your focus? Where do you see yourself in the next 12-24 months? Do you have any goals?

“If you believe in yourself, anything is possible “. This is a mantra to keep telling yourself over and over again. Because if YOU don’t believe in yourself, it’s very difficult for someone else to do so.

These last couple of years, I can also testify to this. Having gone through many changes, moved country, into a new job, moved family, settled in a new life, found new friends- hopefully kept my “older” ones… and it has most definitely not been an easy journey. I’ve had my ups and my downs. It’s been a true roller coaster. But I guess deep down I did believe that yes, I can do this! And… so far it seems to have worked! So my recommendation for you… is to set yourself achievable goals, work hard and just tell yourself that yes… I can do this because I believe in me… at least many battles will be won that way. I’m not saying it’ll be easy or fun all the time- but many things can and will be achieved if you… truly start to believe in yourself and that you can actually do it!!!

I so… recommend!!