Focus, vision, goal and affirmation!

Focus on positivity. Push through but remain positive. Go through challenges with a smile on your lips. Things will get better. A bad day is just that: one bad day- truly learn to embrace that.

Vision yet again is on succeeding- you can and you will achieve your goal. Whatever it is that you’ve decided: family or career oriented. Visualise success- feel it and embrace it!

Goals are many from family, career, financial, health and more. Write them down and break them down to smaller achievable goals. See them in front of you and already inhale what you will feel then once you get there.

” I can do it, watch me shine” Say that out loud at least ten times today! We can because we decide to. Life is a roller coaster. Believe in yourself and others will too! I so recommend. Have a truly awesome rest of the week! Embrace your fears and the challenges!

Focus, vision, goal and affirmation!

Focus this week is to keep the eyes at the goal. If you are unable to reach your goals- break them down into smaller ones. I tend to set very high goals but am learning to break them down. I joined the gym a few weeks ago as one of my goals is to feel better. I know you should probably have some sort of schedule to follow, which I will get to. But my first goal was to join a gym, the next one is to go regularly. And so far- I am! Then, the next one will be to follow some sort of schedule so that I can also start to see some results.

Vision is success. We will succeed- we will get there! But it’s also a balance- to push but also to enjoy the journey to get there. Because that is the time that is also a part of your life: success but also failures. A grand mix of life!

Affirmation is:” You have the power to create change”. Because you do…

Have a great week ahead!!! I so recommend!

Thursday- sharing thoughts

Thursday is here. A beautiful morning crisp and sunny. It’s getting cooler as well. I truly love this time of year!

Why do you blog? How structured are you? Is this a hobby for you or is this more of a job? Why did you start blogging? What is it that you enjoy so much? Do you read other blogs? If so, which ones? What do you like to read about and what motivates you?

I’m reading many, many blogs and have done for a long time. I started because I truly want to inspire! To motivate and to always try… to remain positive. Life is a gift- and it really is fragile. I’m trying to make the most of it all the time. Yes of course there are days where I fail miserably. Times when I get annoyed and stay annoyed for far too long. But I think it’s so important to go back to the positive can do attitude and apply this everywhere in your life: family, friends, at work. That is what will make you get through those miserable days when you feel as if you failed everything and everyone. We are after all humans…! The great thing as well about life is that it truly is never too late to start over again- never. May you be 20,30,40,50,60,70 or 80. Or older! It really is never too late to make new friends, change career, move house, country, to start investing, managing your finances better, help your kids with homework, go on that trip, start exercising, cook more food at home, start that company, read more books- I could make the list so long! I so recommend!!! Go out there today and just succeed! Just go for it!

Have an amazing Thursday!!!