Friday inspiration!

“Gratitude helps you see what’s there instead of what isn’t”

Practice gratitude… it will make you feel more grateful for what you have… my recommendation for today. I’m grateful for so many things. Just need to remind that it is so. It will make you feel more positive- some say it will even improve your health!

I’m very grateful to you as well who regularly leave a mark here 🙏🙏🙏

Beautiful flowers in the street… just like that…!

Have the most amazing of Fridays.


Have you like me felt a little bit lost? I came across this quote and it will be my mantra to find myself back, grounded again:

“ Be like a tree, stay grounded and know when to let go” this I found on … breath in and out to find back to centre again. Even though I, like many of you right now, see and meet fewer people, it feels quite noisy, messy and unsettled. It’s time to go back and to find that calm centre again. 🙏

I so… recommend…

Focus, vision, goal and affirmation!

Focus now on control. Accept what you can- and what you cannot control. Visualise yourself content, strong and in control. That’s the goal this week!

“Control how you react” that’s the way forward and the path this week. Many strange things are happening. So don’t forget- focus on control what’s in your… control. I so… recommend!!!

Amazing sunset

Focus, vision, goal and affirmation!

Monday morning. It’s a little bit gloomy today with a mist lingering on along with rain and clouds. Focus this week is to keep your eyes on the reward. Just go for it. Stop procrastinating… it’s too easy sometimes. Who here is guilty of thinking… “tomorrow”… how about replacing that with “today”? As I’ve said before- just do it. Take responsibility and… put yourself out there and do it. Finish things that you started a long time ago- you will feel great! See yourself with that diploma in your hand, to fit into those clothes, that you can run those 5km without stopping, you completed that book, did that photo book, cooked that dish, called that relative… and so on. That’s the goal this week! To complete…!

Tell yourself…”I can do hard things”… as many times as you need!!! I so… recommend!!!

A walk in the park…