Tivoli in Copenhagen celebrating 175 years

There are many things that Copenhagen has to offer. One of them is Tivoli.


It’s celebrating 175 years this year. I find that very impressive! It opened in August 15, 1843 and is actually the second oldest amusement park in the world. (The oldest is a different amusement park also here in Denmark).

It’s a very beautiful area in the centre of Copenhagen. A lot of fun attractions- and a couple that look so scary I actually chose not to try them! I used to love roller coasters and the magic carpet when I was younger. A little bit less so today, but unfortunately I have a very brave almost 9 year old daughter who absolutely loves all these thrills! So, what can I do? I join in of course albeit at times I close my eyes and wonder what on earth have I just got myself into?! But that’s quickly (well almost…) forgotten when I hear her screaming and laughing and walking around with a big smile on her face. How can I refuse. So if you ever visit Copenhagen, this is something you really should visit. It’s also full of nice restaurants where you can sit down and watch beautiful settings. And the food is actually very nice. I have been to a few attraction parks in the world where sometimes the food is of bad quality and very expensive. That is not the case in Copenhagen as it’s good quality food. If you have time on your visit here- I truly recommend a stroll and perhaps even a few rides on these roller coasters in Tivoli! Why not- enjoy!

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