Uber is great in London as it works

Interestingly enough, this is something we started using whilst we spent time in California, Los Gatos back in 2014. I find that it is a great service. There are usually cars around that you can get ahold of within 2-5mins. Of course this depends where you are. In California this worked, and so far it’s been good for us in London. I like the app on iPhone as it’s very user friendly. This service does not exist in Denmark. Why? I don’t know and I haven’t looked it up yet as to why it’s not in Denmark. But where it exists and for us so far, it’s been good.

Taylor Swift amazing concert in London-Robbie Williams!

We had the opportunity to go to the Taylor Swift concert in Wembley Stadium.

What a concert!

Reputation which is her sixth studio album is good. It’s also nice realising that you do know more of her songs that you think. This is also her fifth tour- and her 13th time performing in London. A lot of numbers here. If you get the chance and want to listen to some good music and good entertainment- this is definitely a recommendation to go see. It was also impressive that as a guest- she’d invited no less than Robbie Williams. That was probably more of a highlight for some people in our circle of friends than the main act itself!: Robbie Williams