Panasonic bread maker and French toast home made

As you know I made my own bread last weekend. And what better way to use this by making French toast. The way I make them is very, very easy. Anyone could do this!

1. Cut the bread into slices

2. Mix an egg with a little bit of liquid (milk, water, dairy free)

3. Add a dash of vanilla sugar

4. Mix it all together and let the bread slices soak in this liquid

5. Fry this in a hot pan with butter for about 2-3 mins on each side

I then serve this with maple syrup.


Challenge Day 5- Smoothie challenge is great!

A relatively easy one but with a twist!

1 cup of apple juice

4 dried apricots- chopped

2 dates- chopped

1 cup of natural yogurt

Add the juice, the fruit followed by the yogurt and then blend and enjoy!

And feel great about what you’re doing.

Today is also Friday, so not long to go until the weekend begins with the best feeling in the world. Time with family and friends.

Challenge Day 4- No smoothie as time ran out preparing children for school

Ok so today was just one of those days when things don’t work out according to plan. No smoothie for me! It was preparing my daughter, making her breakfast, ensuring she made it to her “fritids” and walking slowly as she has a little splinter in her foot. But you know what. That’s absolutely fine. I’ll pick this smoothie challenge up again tomorrow!

Live life now, enjoy every minute of every day and do something today that makes you truly happy: contact an old friend, call someone in your family, cook a nice meal, treat yourself to something you’ve been looking for, for a while, find a good movie, go for a run… the list could be made a lot lot longer. Just do it! ✅

Make-up Laura Mercier for a quick morning fix!

I like make up. There are so many brands available and new products are coming out in the market regularly. Right now I look for items that are multi- use and quick- as I need to be fast in the mornings. Last year I fell in love with Laura Mercier. Unfortunately these products don’t seem to be as easily available in Copenhagen as in London. Hopefully that’ll change soon!

Right now I use the tinted moisturiser which is illuminating. And it also contains spf 20, which is perfect now as it’s so sunny here. I also adore their eye pens that stick. Very easy and quick to use. Just these products make a big difference- especially when you look a bit tired. Something I truly recommend!