Sunday Brunch pancakes easy and quick

Easy and quick to make:

1 cup milk/ dairy free alternative

1 cup flour (I used spelt)

1tbs baking powder

2tbs vanilla sugar

Tiny bit of salt

1 egg

1 mashed up banana

1. Mix the liquid and egg together

2. Mash the banana

3. Mix all dry ingredients

4. Mix it all up

Then I fry these in vegetable butter called Becel.

I really recommend. So easy vegetarian pancakes without thinking about it too much!

Bora Bora, Chile, Banff & Dubai- some travel recommendations

Part of me wish I could go back in time and write these posts as and when they happened. I am blessed as I have been to many places in the world. I recommend all of these but reserve judgement as it’s a while since I was there. My favourite trips to date are:

1. Bora Bora: this was our honeymoon destination so of course it has to be number one. We cut the trip short though and flew back to London via Vegas.

2. Chile: roadtrip in Chile. Probably one of my most memorable trip. We stayed in simple B&B (ants included!) to a Vineyard with peacocks. Unforgettable also because it was the three of us travelling.

3. Banff in Canada: also unforgettable memories with amazing friends. Skiing in -27C- that was too cold.

3. Dubai: shared 3 with Banff. This is again a long time ago so I know it has changed a lot. I remember the sand and the drive in the sand dunes. Unlucky for us though this was one of the coldest December ever in Dubai. Still very memorable!

We still travel a lot so I will also recommend more current trips. I guess this post is a walk down memory lane for me- but hopefully provide some recommendations for someone!