iPhones and to be present society has changed

Observing on my train journey how 80% of people in my carriage are using their iPhone or Androids, makes me think. What did we do before these gadgets? I remember my first Nokia mobile phone. It was the size of a brick! I still have it. Most likely a collector item today.

I think the world we live in is great in terms of communication. I’ve lived abroad and away from family and friends a lot. However distance doesn’t matter or feel as difficult when you can call using Viber, WhatsApp, FaceTime messenger. It truly changes things. At least for me. I will however stick to my third challenge of being more present and disconnect for a week. Tell myself that I won’t check work messages, or scroll internet between certain set hours. Maybe a bit contradictory as I am now working on getting this blog looking nice and attracting readers! But… I still think it’s a good thing to do!

Challenge Day 2- Smoothie challenge towards a healthier lifestyle

So on Day 2 of my Smoothie challenge. Again another very simple one:

1 cup of oat milk

1 ripe banana

1 tbs of chia seeds

1 hint of honey

Add this all to your mixer and blend! Or add this all to your blender and mix- whatever way you prefer.

Then promise me that you will enjoy this healthy start to your day. Live life- every minute of every day. Life is special, life is precious.

TouchNote for pictures a great App I recommend

We have used this App a couple of times. My goal is to have this whole wall full of memorable pictures. What a great day to start your day- to look at this wall full of friends, family and beautiful places.

This also goes hand in hand with one of my challenges- to clean up all my many pictures that I have in the cloud. I’m sure I’m not the only one who takes a lot of photos but who doesn’t really stay on top of organising them?

One App I will use for this is TouchNote. So far, we’ve used it for two on our wall- so a lot more work to be done here.

Challenge Day 7- Yoga & Meditation ✅ to feel amazing

Yes! I did it. And it is a great feeling. A true investment in myself, which reflects out and positivity is contagious. I can truly recommend the App Calm. It’s great. Yes I admit I do struggle at times being mindful and to focus on my breath. But it is so important.

Tomorrow is my day 2 on my smoothie challenge as well. Right now I have about 15 different challenges up my sleeve: from reading for 30 minutes every day, to sending a postcard to your nearest and dearest 1 every day for 7 days, to emptying out what you have in your freezer and fridge to making that effort of seeing the good in every single person you interact with for a week. All of these with the simple goal of feeling good and remaining positive. It goes back to what I believe in- it’s the small things in life that make the difference and life is… just right now and what happens to you right now. I’m really excited about this and hope to see people joining me. The more people that are happier and positive- the better! Right?!

If you have suggestions on challenges we should do for a week- please do share these in the comment section!

Challenge Day 1- Smoothie challenge the little things to make you feel great!

Good morning/ afternoon/ evening everyone. So today I will finish my first challenge Meditation & Yoga for 7 days consecutively and start my next one!

I bought a new blender last week that is perfect for making quick smoothies in- small, good price and efficient! See my previous blog about that a few days ago. It’s great to find something that surprises you positively.

This morning I made a super easy one- just frozen fruits mixed with orange juice. It doesn’t get any easier than that.

So do join me. We all want to be that little bit healthier and also do it in a fun way that’s not too difficult either.

1. Frozen bag of red fruits

2. 1 cup of fresh orange juice

3. Mix in a blender

4. Enjoy

5. Be proud of your efforts and for staying in there!!!