Furniture recommendations in Copenhagen/ Denmark

If you don’t know already, there are plenty of beautiful designers in Denmark.

Danish design

Its full of classic type furniture, items for your kitchen and plenty more. What I’ve come across so far are brands such as Bolia, Ilva, Eva Solo, Gubi, iittalia, Rosendahl- to just give you a flavour. It is great quality I have to say. Sometimes a bit expensive as well. Especially if you’re from the US or the U.K. There are a lot of nuances and differences in cost of living and how each society works. But that’s for a different post! I’ve had the privilege of having lived in several countries to date- and I can safely say each and everyone has good things- and bad things. It all comes down to preference and what you are used to- and what is acceptable to you. Ok now I’ve deviated from my furniture and Danish design post!

Here in Denmark are some amazing designs. Personally I do like the Scandinavian way of decorating. If anyone has had the chance to read the book “Lagom” by Nina Brantmark she describes it quite well by saying that ” a Scandinavian home is the very essence of lagom. It’s neither too sparse nor too fussy, neither overly minimalist nor overdone.” The home for Scandinavians is important. Of course for a lot of people! I like to mix as well which might be the result of having lived elsewhere for almost 15+ years. I do like the sparser look though and white coloured walls and wooden floors.

One of my favourite furniture shops here is:


They have some excellent discounts as well, some weeks up to 50% on certain sofas! This suits me perfectly as we need to get some additional seats/ modules. My personal favourite is the Mr Big sofa. They are so comfortable and customisable. You can select colour, type of fabric and colour of the legs. I also like that they are module sofas so you can rearrange them easier and get more and additional parts if you need/ want to. This is a shop and a sofa I really recommend!

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