More wish lists, “Hygge” and you are in charge!!!

The warmer weather still lingers on, which is incredible. I still lit a candle this morning. All for the “Hygge” sensation. More items on my wish list for this autumn. I like be the Boozt App here in Scandinavia. Yes, I’d like more brands to be available here, but that might come true!


Here is a mix of items I’d love to see in my wardrobe!

A cozy coat from 2NDDAY.

Followed by a comfortable dress from Noa Noa.

Then a scarf that is certainly needed here as it can be rather windy, from Whyred.

Boots from Pavement but not too high, so it’s actually still comfortable to walk in. I wish I could still walk in higher stiletto type shoes, but unfortunately my feet will just not allow that. Maybe it’s the running I’m doing?

Then an illuminator from Shiseido. Most likely needed in a few weeks time, when the sun isn’t appearing as often and something to freshen up will help!

I really recommend creating wish lists that you strive to get. For me, it makes me think- do I really need these items? Of course sometimes it is not about needing either. Having done a big clear out at home recently, following my challenge, it makes it a lot more clear though! I recommend! Boozt, creating wish lists and to do a big clear out in your home. Who says that January is the start to a new year and a new you? I find that autumn also is great time for a perfect new start!

I can also recommend the App Calm… I did a session this morning and now feel ready to attack the day! And it did not start out as I wanted to. But do you know what?! I will make the most and the best of it and finish it off later tonight with a big freshly brewed cup of tea and light another candle, when the sun set arrives. Enjoy every minute of every day! And remember- you are in charge!

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Convinced it’s the small things in life that we need to focus on to ensure we live a happy life. Love sharing experiences and recommendations and starting to understand that positivity is very contagious!

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