Castello di Roncade: The majestic Renaissance residence

What amazes me is how well looked after this majestic Renaissance residence is. A lot of care and warmth resides here. Located a 20 minute car drive from Venice and so beautiful, right in the heart of Roncade, a picturesque small town in the Venetian inland near Treviso. It is the only one of the villas that has kept the medieval wall.

It has so much history dating back to the tenth century, when the emperor of the Holy Roman Empire Ottone II gave the Collalto family a defensive structure. In the 14th century, with the Venetian conquest of Treviso, the structure passed into the hands of the Noble Badoer family.

In 1915 it was bought by the Ciani Bassetti family, who still owns it today. It was occupied during the Second World War, and was damaged, however you do not see a glimpse of that anymore.

Today, the residence is surrounded by vineyards and the cellar and the barrel room is full of history and you can clearly tell it’s looked after with much love and care.

The apartments are located in the gate towers and the rooms in the main building are flawlessly and individually decorated. This is something I truly recommend, a stay and a guided tour with tastings to learn more about art, history and authentic flavours, all in one.

Roncade Residence

Series on Netflix and more that I recommend

I love watching movies and series. We also stayed next to the Netflix building in Los Gatos for a while. I remember looking at the stock price and back then it was under $100. Times have changed since. I think Netflix is such a clever business idea. Who would have thought, 10 years ago, that you were going to be able to watch tv from your mobile phone? It goes to show that:

“it always seems impossible until it’s done”

Nelson Mandela

I have a few favourite shows that I’ve watched throughout the times:

1. The Thorn Birds. Most readers will probably not know about this one. I remember it being very romantic, filmed in beautiful settings and quite dramatic. Richard Chamberlain was playing the priest, who is a famous actor.

2. Then Melrose Place. About young professionals in a building in Los Angeles. At the time I thought they were so well dressed. An Aaron Spelling series, so what can be wrong?

3. Next on the list we have 24. This is the first series that I truly binged watched. We usually waited for it to be available on DVD, then could spend hours watching this. Very exciting. And who doesn’t know Jack Bauer. He actually reminds me of MacGyver. Could build anything out of nothing.

4. Then there is Spooks. A British counterterrorism series. A bit similar to 24 but very British. I love ❤️

5. True Blood. Of course it has to be in my top list with a Skarsgard brother as one of the main characters. I have to say that this Swedish family of actors are rather impressive. The series are set in Louisiana about a telepathic waitress called Sookie Stackhouse. It has vampires, fairies, cool accents, beautiful settings and really is full on fantasy. It’s a series I could watch again.

6. Outlander. I’m continuing in the fantasy genre with a medieval twist. It’s romantic and funny with a strong woman in charge. I like it. A female doctor travelling back in time fighting for the love of her life. I can’t wait for the next series!

7. Sons of Anarchy. Yes I surprised myself by liking this one?! It might have helped that we at the time, were in the mountains near Los Gatos and drove on similar roads. We also used to go to an amazing cafe called Alice, which is a favourite amongst bikers. The series are quite raw, with a lot of bad language- but I still recommend.

8. The Affair. After the first series I was mesmerised. It’s emotional and psychological at the same time. It’s like you don’t know if it’s real at times? Interesting as well how it’s captured different perspectives and how people perceive and see the same thing so differently. It’s sad, capturing and intriguing all at the same time and with excellent acting. Watch it!

9. Suits. How can you not like this? I love their outfits. In particular Donna. It’s funny, witty and with lots of cleverness. I love how the characters are so different. And of course now, one of them just married… you know who…

10. And for now, the final series I recommend. A little bit different but originating from a film that was awarded ten Academy Awards back in 1973: The Exorcist, but the series. Yes, quite frightening and if you are not into this kind of genre- then don’t watch it. It can be a bit controversial but I still love it and it scares me at the same time. I used to watch scary films a lot in the past. However the Japanese horror movies such as the Ring, really put me of them for a very, very long time. This is however actually ok.

So these are 10 of my personal favourite series. I could make the list so much longer. What about GoT, Bosch etc. etc… well I promise to write more about these in another post!

Which series do you like- and why? Feel free to share. Maybe there will be something that I haven’t watched yet?

Lunch at Danieli in Venice

The best way to travel into Venice from the airport is by boat. What an adventure. I can’t decide if the boat drivers are a tiny bit crazy or extremely skilled. I’m sure it’s the latter as you have to know where to stop and understand how to navigate the boat with precision.

The Hotel Danieli is magnificent. When you enter the hotel you come into a grand atrium hall. It’s warm and welcoming. There are beautiful ornaments such as glass ware that you can look at. It’s definitely worth exploring. There is a nice view from the Terazza Danieli overlooking the water and the many boats and gondolas. Of course nice food and desserts worth sampling. The hotel is located near piazza San Marco which is impressive and worth walking across. I really recommend!

Joe & The Juice and Canva

Joe & The Juice is a Danish juice chain. I didn’t know that! I first noticed it when I was working in London. A change to my Pret, Itsu or Marks&Spencer lunch breaks. The range of lunch places in London compared to Copenhagen is superior. At least right now, however I can see that changing in the near future. I just observed another Pret opening up in Copenhagen airport. So watch this space!

I must admit that at first I was not very impressed by Joe & The Juice. I’m starting to warm up to it though and really enjoy their avocado sandwich. Their bread is different. That is what makes it stand out to me. And also the hip music they play in their places. I did a quick search on google actually and the article on Nordic Business Insider made me chuckle- they only hire hunks…? Whether that’s true or not, I will leave up to you readers to be the judge of!

Joe & The Juice

The picture below, I took using Canva. An App I need to spend more time exploring.

How many new blogs every day? Millions!

This is a bit of a maze this blogging business. I started this about a month ago now. I truly love it! I do see it as a business first and as a hobby that I finally have found! I love researching and I love sharing information here and recommendations.

It’s very easy to get stuck in all the statistics: how many are signing up to my blog every day (ok weekly)? How many new followers am I getting on twitter? I try to follow everyone back who follows me, I understand that is the rule and polite thing to do. I might be a tiny bit selective though as my goal is to attract the right audience. What do I mean by that?

Goal with this blog- why should you care and join in?

1. Well my goal here is to start a dialogue. I love meeting new people and I want to share good things here- experiences to great products. Then it would be amazing to hear about your opinions and feedback as well. Have you been to the same restaurant, hotel or purchased the same gadget I’m recommending?

2. Then as I’ve said before, I will start 7-day challenges. We can all do small things in our daily life to feel that little bit better and to be proud about our achievements. They will not be difficult or particularly expensive so anyone who wants to- join me? I might start a private Facebook site where you can join me for regular updates where we can share our progress and insights. I will never do full out diets or extreme sports though. But, as I’ve said before in previous blog posts, it will be about daily smoothie challenges, baking, staying positive, yoga regularly etc- the aim is to feel good and not make too much effort in your day in order to accomplish this. Sounds good?

3. I will also invite guest bloggers to write what they do regularly to feel great.

Then, as I state above, I want this to be a “feel good” blog that you can check out and when you stop reading it and move on, you will leave feeling good and positive with that “can do” attitude. Because do you know what. If I can do this? So can you!

I have to admit this blogging business is daunting though. Searching google for monetising, increasing readers, how to, subjects, statistics etc etc is overwhelming! I have found some good sites though so far that I’m reading:

How to start a new blog

Bloggers- what to do every day


And of course when you google- you find one article that says: “blog every day”, another one that says- “don’t blog every day”. One that states to “monetise straight away” another one that says “wait until you have readers”. So confusing right?

I will write regularly here and I want a dialogue- a bit like going to a nice dinner party or for a coffee with a great friend. Talkative people who get happy and inspired from what I write and like my recommendations and chip in. Comment!

I’m guilty of not commenting on blogs that I read. This author actually posted the first comment on my blog Diana Wallace Peach and made me realise how important the dialogue is. And I agree! So for the next little while I will stop obsessing about my statistics and focus on writing good quality posts instead. I know the road ahead is long but I am enjoying every part of it.

Have an amazing day and remember that it is the small things in life that truly make a difference.