Norwegian flights London-Copenhagen

Since moving to Copenhagen early this year, I’ve frequently used Norwegian. It’s a pretty ok airline. When their App is working and you can check in on line- it’s good. You can find very reasonable flights here- especially the route I’m using a lot London- Copenhagen. I also like the fact that you can check in a bag for £10. Quite a different price to Ryanair. That’s an ok airline too but it can truly get confusing with all the additional add on’s that you can select. You almost have to be careful so you don’t end up with something you were not meant to get, in your basket.

It’s fascinating how the airline industry has changed and how much this mode of travel opens up. I have to admit that I do think sometimes about what flying a lot really means for the environment? That is something which is being discussed in Sweden. In Denmark, the environment is also higher on the agenda for people than in many other countries I’ve lived in. That’s probably why I do think about it more now.

I have also noted that Norwegian seems to use the same gates as BA. Maybe there will be some more traction on a take over?

The airline industry does change and like any business it needs to change and evolve to stay competitive.

Norwegian BA

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