Amazing Italian lakes: Garda, Maggiore and Como

There are actually over 1,500 lakes in Italy. The more famous and largest ones are Garda, Maggiore and Como in the North. * Lake Garda is the largest one in Italy and known for its crystal clear water. * Lake Maggiore is both Swiss and Italian and also has one inhabited island. * Lake ComoContinue reading “Amazing Italian lakes: Garda, Maggiore and Como”

The lakes in Northern Italy

The lakes have a spectacular emerald green shimmering colour to them. I’ll imagine they are rather deep and wonder what they might be hiding. It’s fascinating and breathtaking driving around on the sometimes small, windy and steep roads that dwindle in between the smaller mountain peaks. Not even sure all of them can be calledContinue reading “The lakes in Northern Italy”

Hotel Paradiso sul Lago- the contrasts

I love the contrasts! Up high in the mountains with a spectacular view is this B&B hotel called Hotel Paradiso sul Lago. The view overlooking Lake Como makes up for everything. Even the tiny windy roads up the mountains where you have to drive with precision. Just trust and give in. Nature is so beautifulContinue reading “Hotel Paradiso sul Lago- the contrasts”

Castello di Roncade: The majestic Renaissance residence

What amazes me is how well looked after this majestic Renaissance residence is. A lot of care and warmth resides here. Located a 20 minute car drive from Venice and so beautiful, right in the heart of Roncade, a picturesque small town in the Venetian inland near Treviso. It is the only one of theContinue reading “Castello di Roncade: The majestic Renaissance residence”

Series on Netflix and more that I recommend

I love watching movies and series. We also stayed next to the Netflix building in Los Gatos for a while. I remember looking at the stock price and back then it was under $100. Times have changed since. I think Netflix is such a clever business idea. Who would have thought, 10 years ago, thatContinue reading “Series on Netflix and more that I recommend”