Day 3 Yoga with Adriene

Good morning/ afternoon/ evening!

Today’s session I can really recommend. If you’re feeling a bit frazzled, down, stressed and even if you already feel great too of course. It’s a lot about breathing and stretching. You get a little bit warm and there is a good “plank” moment in here to push a little (at least for me)! Adriene reminds you to smile and to be positive. For me so far, all of these sessions have been a great start to my mornings! I’ll admit that I do struggle a bit with getting up so early, but once on the mat- that’s my time. So I really recommend! Just go for it. I think sometimes a lot of us think about all the things that we should/ need to do. This yoga challenge this week I’d say- just do it! Why are you hesitating?! It’s for you!!!

Stress melt

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