Listening to Avicii On Spotify

Copenhagen is a very beautiful capital. Probably one of the prettier and cleaner ones I’ve lived in. Though it’s difficult to compare- I have spent time in Paris, Brussels, Los Gatos, Ibiza and London and they all have their charm. I recommend a walk through Copenhagen though if you live or visit here. Currently walkingContinue reading “Listening to Avicii On Spotify”

Bora Bora, Chile, Banff & Dubai- some travel recommendations

Part of me wish I could go back in time and write these posts as and when they happened. I am blessed as I have been to many places in the world. I recommend all of these but reserve judgement as it’s a while since I was there. My favourite trips to date are: 1.Continue reading “Bora Bora, Chile, Banff & Dubai- some travel recommendations”