Copenhagen- travel card and getting around

It really is not the easiest to understanding how the travelling works in Copenhagen. There are various methods to get around: S-Train Metro Buses Bicycle Taxi Car rentals Note- there is no Uber here. Otherwise a favourite of mine- obviously where the city caters for it. To get from the airport to the city orContinue reading “Copenhagen- travel card and getting around”

Panasonic bread maker SD-ZB2502- yummy banana bread!

Instead of chucking away ripe bananas, use them to make tasty banana bread! Delicious and not too sweet- and so easy if you use a bread maker. One of my challenges is to use what I already have! So instead of hiding constantly in the cupboard, my bread maker is starting to make the occasionalContinue reading “Panasonic bread maker SD-ZB2502- yummy banana bread!”