Change and challenges- come on and join me!

So, as with a lot of people I would like to be a bit healthier and focus more on strengthening myself in different ways. This year for me has been full of changes. I know I’m blessed but a lot of changes in one go is a big challenge. That is why I have used on and off the app Calm. It’s a great tool for getting into meditation. I am a big believer, that repetition is important and if you do something consistently and regularly, it is easier for something that at first can feel as a chore, to become part of your life. I’m also a huge fan of Yoga with Adriene. She has yoga sessions for anything on YouTube. I love that you can do this on your mat at home- or anywhere really.

I will, from tomorrow morning alternate between Yoga with Adriene or a session with Calm. Then keep this up for one week. My ideal would be for this to be an ingrained part of my life- wherever I am first thing every morning to have this as my routine. I’ll provide an update on my progress next Sunday to let you know how it’s gone. There might be some updates in the week as well as I’m quite excited about this challenge. And who doesn’t like a challenge?!

Uber is great in London as it works

Interestingly enough, this is something we started using whilst we spent time in California, Los Gatos back in 2014. I find that it is a great service. There are usually cars around that you can get ahold of within 2-5mins. Of course this depends where you are. In California this worked, and so far it’s been good for us in London. I like the app on iPhone as it’s very user friendly. This service does not exist in Denmark. Why? I don’t know and I haven’t looked it up yet as to why it’s not in Denmark. But where it exists and for us so far, it’s been good.

Taylor Swift amazing concert in London-Robbie Williams!

We had the opportunity to go to the Taylor Swift concert in Wembley Stadium.

What a concert!

Reputation which is her sixth studio album is good. It’s also nice realising that you do know more of her songs that you think. This is also her fifth tour- and her 13th time performing in London. A lot of numbers here. If you get the chance and want to listen to some good music and good entertainment- this is definitely a recommendation to go see. It was also impressive that as a guest- she’d invited no less than Robbie Williams. That was probably more of a highlight for some people in our circle of friends than the main act itself!: Robbie Williams