Bicycles in Copenhagen

I’d imagine that Copenhagen is similar to Amsterdam when it comes to bicycles. In Copenhagen it really is the preferred method of transport. I feel as if I missed out a bit as the weather has been so nice here since beginning of May, and I still don’t have a bicycle. I have looked around on DBA- a site where you can find things second hand here and also on Facebook Marketplace. But I haven’t managed to find something that suits me. I don’t want to spend too much on it either as I haven’t been using a bicycle as a method of transport for many years. I used it all the time growing up in Sweden. It is just not very common in France, Belgium, Spain, UK or in the US where I’ve lived. Especially in the US it is very common to even have two vehicles and to drive to most places. I’m referring to my personal experience. In Denmark on the contrary, I doubt many people have two cars. They are taxed very heavily here. Though I have had conversations with people that prices are coming down. You also notice quite quickly that in traffic- cyclists are very high in the order of priority. So watch out when you walk and cross roads as they do ride very fast!

So for me personally I very much think I’d buy a bicycle now rather soon whilst the weather is still nice! The most reasonably priced new bicycles, I’ve found- are from Coop- their range of Mustangs. So that is something I recommend but… with reservations as I need to buy and try it next. But so far from my research- they should be good and get good ratings. Wish me luck in becoming more a part of the Danish society.

Blog world- welcome!!!

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So, I have very recently started this blog and apologise in advance for the amendments. I just want it to look as nice as possible and to be easy to read on all sorts of laptops, Macs, iPhone, iPad, Kindle etc. So stay with me. I am planning on focusing on recommendations as stated in my intro. There is so much that I want to share. For many years now, I have had several different jobs, lived in different countries, lived in different life situations, learned new languages, travelled to many different places, visited some of the most amazing restaurants in the world. But I also love spending time wherever I live and nest and settle down. So in some ways I guess I can be a bit contradictory but I think a lot of people are. This blog will to start off with many different type of recommendations. And the more readers I get, then I can customise my content to what you would like to hear more of: anything from job searching in London to the best shopping in California: Target and TK/ TJ Maxx anyone?! So far in my life I have set up 2 proper houses (ok flats), I have lived in 7 countries and am fluent in 3 different languages and well ok I am starting to understand more and more Danish being Swedish. However the difference surprises me?! But I speak French so I am hoping that I will learn it quite soon. This blog is a bit of everything and a bit of nothing really. But I am just learning and trying out and I am very, very excited! I love reading and researching as well- and have used for a long time. That is my personal favorite browser. And (un)fortunately I am a big fan of the iPhone/ Apple. Anyway if this blog seems to be focusing on brands, merchandises and buying it is only because I will have done a lot of testing and trialling before I recommend anything and I will really believe it the product and use it myself. If not I will clearly state it. So there you go I will stop now as I am tired after an intense but amazing weekend in London and a long day at work. So over and out. I hope more and more people will find me! I can’t wait to share my recommendations, experience and events here. And I am a recent convert in truly believing that positivity is very contagious and that it is the small things in life that really make a difference!!!

Smoothies more challenges

My daughter is starting to like smoothies, which is great for me (us)! Typical that our blender seems to be in its last leg. Something to look into- a new blender!

We’ve had ours for years, and it’s great. But I guess age has finally caught up with it!

Today’s smoothie, that is really recommend:

1 banana (ripe)

1tbs of honey

1tbs of chia seeds

1 bag of frozen fruits (red today)

1 cup of oatley milk

Just mix it all in a good blender and enjoy!