Smoothies more challenges

My daughter is starting to like smoothies, which is great for me (us)! Typical that our blender seems to be in its last leg. Something to look into- a new blender!

We’ve had ours for years, and it’s great. But I guess age has finally caught up with it!

Today’s smoothie, that is really recommend:

1 banana (ripe)

1tbs of honey

1tbs of chia seeds

1 bag of frozen fruits (red today)

1 cup of oatley milk

Just mix it all in a good blender and enjoy!

Cooking a challenge in the pipeline

So I’m not the greatest cook by any means. I guess partly as I’m married to someone who’s passionate and a very good cook I’ve been a bit spoiled. I do need to venture and get much better at cooking. I did have more time when we were staying in Los Gatos so went to a few cooking lessons there. One of them how to prepare Thanks Giving. That was a lot of fun and something I’d definitely do again! Just need to find cooking lessons here in Copenhagen!


Norwegian flights London-Copenhagen

Since moving to Copenhagen early this year, I’ve frequently used Norwegian. It’s a pretty ok airline. When their App is working and you can check in on line- it’s good. You can find very reasonable flights here- especially the route I’m using a lot London- Copenhagen. I also like the fact that you can check in a bag for £10. Quite a different price to Ryanair. That’s an ok airline too but it can truly get confusing with all the additional add on’s that you can select. You almost have to be careful so you don’t end up with something you were not meant to get, in your basket.

It’s fascinating how the airline industry has changed and how much this mode of travel opens up. I have to admit that I do think sometimes about what flying a lot really means for the environment? That is something which is being discussed in Sweden. In Denmark, the environment is also higher on the agenda for people than in many other countries I’ve lived in. That’s probably why I do think about it more now.

I have also noted that Norwegian seems to use the same gates as BA. Maybe there will be some more traction on a take over?

The airline industry does change and like any business it needs to change and evolve to stay competitive.

Norwegian BA

Change and challenges- come on and join me!

So, as with a lot of people I would like to be a bit healthier and focus more on strengthening myself in different ways. This year for me has been full of changes. I know I’m blessed but a lot of changes in one go is a big challenge. That is why I have used on and off the app Calm. It’s a great tool for getting into meditation. I am a big believer, that repetition is important and if you do something consistently and regularly, it is easier for something that at first can feel as a chore, to become part of your life. I’m also a huge fan of Yoga with Adriene. She has yoga sessions for anything on YouTube. I love that you can do this on your mat at home- or anywhere really.

I will, from tomorrow morning alternate between Yoga with Adriene or a session with Calm. Then keep this up for one week. My ideal would be for this to be an ingrained part of my life- wherever I am first thing every morning to have this as my routine. I’ll provide an update on my progress next Sunday to let you know how it’s gone. There might be some updates in the week as well as I’m quite excited about this challenge. And who doesn’t like a challenge?!