How many new blogs every day? Millions!

This is a bit of a maze this blogging business. I started this about a month ago now. I truly love it! I do see it as a business first and as a hobby that I finally have found! I love researching and I love sharing information here and recommendations.

It’s very easy to get stuck in all the statistics: how many are signing up to my blog every day (ok weekly)? How many new followers am I getting on twitter? I try to follow everyone back who follows me, I understand that is the rule and polite thing to do. I might be a tiny bit selective though as my goal is to attract the right audience. What do I mean by that?

Goal with this blog- why should you care and join in?

1. Well my goal here is to start a dialogue. I love meeting new people and I want to share good things here- experiences to great products. Then it would be amazing to hear about your opinions and feedback as well. Have you been to the same restaurant, hotel or purchased the same gadget I’m recommending?

2. Then as I’ve said before, I will start 7-day challenges. We can all do small things in our daily life to feel that little bit better and to be proud about our achievements. They will not be difficult or particularly expensive so anyone who wants to- join me? I might start a private Facebook site where you can join me for regular updates where we can share our progress and insights. I will never do full out diets or extreme sports though. But, as I’ve said before in previous blog posts, it will be about daily smoothie challenges, baking, staying positive, yoga regularly etc- the aim is to feel good and not make too much effort in your day in order to accomplish this. Sounds good?

3. I will also invite guest bloggers to write what they do regularly to feel great.

Then, as I state above, I want this to be a “feel good” blog that you can check out and when you stop reading it and move on, you will leave feeling good and positive with that “can do” attitude. Because do you know what. If I can do this? So can you!

I have to admit this blogging business is daunting though. Searching google for monetising, increasing readers, how to, subjects, statistics etc etc is overwhelming! I have found some good sites though so far that I’m reading:

How to start a new blog

Bloggers- what to do every day


And of course when you google- you find one article that says: “blog every day”, another one that says- “don’t blog every day”. One that states to “monetise straight away” another one that says “wait until you have readers”. So confusing right?

I will write regularly here and I want a dialogue- a bit like going to a nice dinner party or for a coffee with a great friend. Talkative people who get happy and inspired from what I write and like my recommendations and chip in. Comment!

I’m guilty of not commenting on blogs that I read. This author actually posted the first comment on my blog Diana Wallace Peach and made me realise how important the dialogue is. And I agree! So for the next little while I will stop obsessing about my statistics and focus on writing good quality posts instead. I know the road ahead is long but I am enjoying every part of it.

Have an amazing day and remember that it is the small things in life that truly make a difference.

Published by livelivingnow

Convinced it’s the small things in life that we need to focus on to ensure we live a happy life. Love sharing experiences and recommendations and starting to understand that positivity is very contagious!

15 thoughts on “How many new blogs every day? Millions!

    1. Yes I complete agree! And I love having a dialogue and talking. So thank you for taking the time. With regards to SEO, that is my next hurdle- or challenge. First, I need to understand it a lot better. My priority right now is to build up my comments though and to write posts that people like. Have the most wonderful day.

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  1. Thanks so much for the mention and I’m happy to connect. πŸ™‚ I think that if you approach blogging with an attitude of fun and make an effort to connect with others that will shine through your words and will attract viewers and followers. It’s that easy. You’re on your way. Happy Blogging!

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  2. I am a daily blogger- I would not have it any other way. Even though when I was a college student, there were days I wouldn’t blog. Blogging daily helps me deal with stresses of everyday life and allows me to do something I love- I do love to write and I am good at it.

    It is important to comment on other blogs- it allows people to find your blog, which is a way to get new followers. My blog grows slowly and I have nothing wrong with it.

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    1. Hello and thank you for commenting. I actually agree that it makes sense to blog regularly- ideally daily or more. Hopefully eventually that is what people who read my blog will expect. I follow some blogs and get disappointed even when a day goes by without any updates ☺️. How nice to make your acquaintance πŸ™


      1. I am glad I decided to be a daily blogger. It makes me keep up with my blog. I just love my blog


  3. Welcome to the blogging community. My blogging routine has changed as I have grown. In the beginning I blogged daily, then twice weekly and now just once a week. I answer all comments so it just isn’t practical to blog daily now. The main thing is to enjoy the journey. Everything else will fall into place…

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    1. Thank you for your comment πŸ™πŸ». I think I’m the beginning and as a novice blogging, it will be nice to do post frequently to connect with readers and create a dialogue. I’ll also aim to answer everyone. That will be important to me. And also to enjoy every step of the way… 😌

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