Castello di Roncade: The majestic Renaissance residence

What amazes me is how well looked after this majestic Renaissance residence is. A lot of care and warmth resides here. Located a 20 minute car drive from Venice and so beautiful, right in the heart of Roncade, a picturesque small town in the Venetian inland near Treviso. It is the only one of theContinue reading “Castello di Roncade: The majestic Renaissance residence”

Series on Netflix and more that I recommend

I love watching movies and series. We also stayed next to the Netflix building in Los Gatos for a while. I remember looking at the stock price and back then it was under $100. Times have changed since. I think Netflix is such a clever business idea. Who would have thought, 10 years ago, thatContinue reading “Series on Netflix and more that I recommend”

How many new blogs every day? Millions!

This is a bit of a maze this blogging business. I started this about a month ago now. I truly love it! I do see it as a business first and as a hobby that I finally have found! I love researching and I love sharing information here and recommendations. It’s very easy to getContinue reading “How many new blogs every day? Millions!”