Challenge Day 6- Smoothie! IKEA trip in Denmark cozy home! Towards Hygge

Ok so today I did the easiest one ever. Frozen fruit 1 cup of oat milk 1 banana Mix and enjoy! Then we’ve spent the morning in IKEA. Of course I love it. Swedish and having worked in IKEA in Paris and IKANO- the bank in the main office in Ă„lmhult. It’s perfect for findingContinue reading “Challenge Day 6- Smoothie! IKEA trip in Denmark cozy home! Towards Hygge”

Travelling with mini perfumes in hand luggage I recommend

As you know there are limitations to what you can bring in your hand luggage when flying. There is so much available these days in pharmacies and make up stores in smaller sizes. Something I find very practical to pack are these mini bottles of perfume. These particular ones are from Dior and Versace. I’dContinue reading “Travelling with mini perfumes in hand luggage I recommend”

Panasonic bread maker and French toast home made

As you know I made my own bread last weekend. And what better way to use this by making French toast. The way I make them is very, very easy. Anyone could do this! 1. Cut the bread into slices 2. Mix an egg with a little bit of liquid (milk, water, dairy free) 3.Continue reading “Panasonic bread maker and French toast home made”

Challenge Day 5- Smoothie challenge is great!

A relatively easy one but with a twist! 1 cup of apple juice 4 dried apricots- chopped 2 dates- chopped 1 cup of natural yogurt Add the juice, the fruit followed by the yogurt and then blend and enjoy! And feel great about what you’re doing. Today is also Friday, so not long to goContinue reading “Challenge Day 5- Smoothie challenge is great!”