Energy and how to confront?

I think there are different types of people. Some who strongly dislike confrontations and others who actually enjoy it and see it as a challenge. I’m probably more of the first type. But I’m also learning that there are moments when you just have to make a stand and confront! But to do it in a good way. What do you think?

Especially in work environments this can be particularly tricky as you have to work with all sorts of people and at times it can feel as if your navigating a field full of surprises. I’ve also noticed that different people accept different things; what is being said to them and how they are treated. Maybe that is because some people are better than others and don’t take things personally? We are all humans- does that mean that conflicts are acceptable? Is this just what happens when we interact? What do you think- do you have any particular tricks in how to manage difficult situations- in general in life? They do tend to appear at work as well as in life.

Next on my list of books to read is: “Flip the Switch” by Jez Rose. I like what it says on the back of the book: “Choose to be extraordinary”. A book about wanting to improve outcomes by developing how we see things. I’m also following:

Gabby Bernstein she is very spiritual. I haven’t looked into what she does properly. Maybe that’s what will be next on my list?!

It’s very important for me to treat people with respect. I have to admit though that sometimes I don’t understand other people’s behaviour. Maybe this book will shed some light? Have you ever been in a confrontational situation? If so, how did you manage this?

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